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INFINITY1-2CB — 2.0 Megapixel CMOS Color USB 2.0 Camera

Lumenera’s INFINITY1-2 2.0 megapixel CMOS digital camera is designed to be a cost-effective, versatile solution for documentation in clinical, life science, materials science and educational professionals. 

The INFINITY1-2 is an excellent entry level multi-megapixel CMOS microscopy camera, delivering outstanding image quality for a wide variety of scientific applications. It is ideally suited for applications with bright, consistent lighting and tight budget constraints.

Every INFINITY camera includes INFINITY ANALYZE software for advanced camera control, image processing, measuring and annotation, as well as INFINITY CAPTURE, an intuitive user interface which includes all of the basic features needed to control your INFINITY camera and capture images.

Product Highlights:

  • Progressive scan 1/2" SOI268 2.0 megapixel CMOS color sensor
  • High-speed USB 2.0 interface for ease of installation on any computer
  • Full color sub-windowing and subsampling for rapid focus and scanning of samples
  • Crisp color quality for the most demanding brightfield and darkfield microscopy applications including clinical pathology and cytology, life science and geology
  • 15 fps at full 1600x1200 resolution, higher at reduced resolutions
  • Select 8 & 10-bit pixel data modes

Technical Specifications:

Camera Sensor
Image Sensor: 1/2” SOI268 CMOS format, color, progressive scan, 6.72mmx5.04mm array
Effective Pixels: 1600x1200, 4.2µm square pixels
Frame Rate: 15 fps at 1600x1200
Dynamic Range: 49dB
Bit Depth: 8 and 10-bit uncompressed
Read Noise: 45 e-
Camera Controls
Mass: 300g
Power Requirement: USB bus power (optional 5VDC - 500mA)
Power Consumption: ~2.5Watts
Operating Temperature: 0° C to +50° C
Operating Humidity: 5%-95%, Non-condensing
Exposure Range: 64μs to 499ms (video) 64μs to 2s (snapshot)
Shutter: Rolling shutter with single frame capture
ROI: Any multiple of 8x8 pixels, 32 x 32 pixels minimum
Exposure Control: Automatic and manual control
White Balance: Automatic and manual control
Gain: 1 to 7.75X
Interface Connector: USB 2.0 high-speed interface
Dimensions (L x W x H): 3.85 x 2.25 x 2.75 inches
Lens Mount: Adjustable C-Mount standard

Software compatible with Windows 8, 7, XP, Vista, Mac OS X 10.7, 32 and 64-bit operating systems.


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