Live Blood Analysis

Microscope Central offers high-quality live blood analysis microscopes. When performing live blood analysis there are two optical methods to choose from, Phase Contrast or Darkfield.

Phase Contrast - Typically uses a phase turret condenser which is capable of brightfield, phase contrast, & darkfield.

Darkfield - Uses a dedicated darkfield condenser. This is a very sensitive and time consuming set up, however it provides the best results.

Still not sure which blood microscope or optical technique is good for you? Read more about live blood analysis.

40X-1000X Infinity-corrected Darkfield Live Blood Microscope and 1.2MP Low-noise Camera
$3,145.98 $1,572.99
Accu-Scope 3000 Live Blood Analysis - Darkfield Slider
Accu-Scope 3002 Live Blood Analysis - Darkfield
Accu-Scope 3012 Live Blood Anaylsys - Phase Contrast
Accu-Scope 3025 Live Blood Analyis Microscope - Phase Contrast
Accu-Scope 3025 Live Blood Analysis Microscope - Darkfield
AmScope 40X-2000X 3W LED Trinocular Darkfield and Brightfield Compound Microscope
$693.98 $346.99
Labomed Lx400 Live Blood Anlaysis - Darkfield
Meiji MT5000 Live Blood Analysis - Phase & Darkfield
$4,397.00 $3,802.50