Veterinary Microscopes

Microscope Central sells hundreds of microscopes to veterinary practices every year. We offer a wide selection from all different brands at all different price points. A microscope for a veterinary practice is used to examine urins, fecals, and more. A standard microscope for this application will come with 4x, 10x, 40x, and 100x oil objectives. Since a microscope in this setting will be heavily used by various users it is important to purchase a durable, reliable, and easy to use instrument. There are a lot of options when it comes to choosing a veterinary microscope, let our experts help eliminate the guess work and educate you to make an informed decision!
Accu-Scope 3000 LED Microscope
$1,112.00 $720.00
Accu-Scope 3002 Microscope Series
$610.00 $484.00
Leica DM750 Clinical Microscope
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Nikon Eclipse E200 LED Binocular Microscope
Olympus CX31 Microscope Series
Accu-Scope 3012 / 3013 LED Microscope Series
$1,420.00 $1,190.00
Swift MT10-MCS Advanced Digital Tablet Microscope Series
Accu-Scope EXC-350 Microscope
$1,770.00 $1,480.00
Zeiss Primo Star Binocular Microscope
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Olympus CX31 HD Digital Microscope Package
AmScope 40X-2500X Infinity Plan Laboratory Compound Microscope with LCD Touch Pad Screen
$2,599.00 $1,079.98
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2002 Binocular Microscope
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Meiji MT-31 Binocular Digital Rechargeable Microscope
$860.00 $731.00
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Leica DM500 WiFi Microscope System
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Motic BA210 Compound Microscope
$1,113.00 $1,001.00
Motic BA310 Elite Compound Microscope Series
$1,493.00 $1,343.00
Leica DM750 HD Digital Microscope Package
Motic BA210 Elite Compound Tablet Microscope
$2,160.00 $1,950.00
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Zeiss Primo Star HD Digital Microscope
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Nikon E200 HD Digital Microscope Package
Olympus CX33 Trinocular Microscope
Motic BA310 Compound Microscope
$1,462.00 $1,315.00
Swift M10 Microscope Series
$975.00 $829.00
Meiji ML5000 Biological Microscope Series
$2,420.00 $2,057.00