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10MP USB 2.0 High-performance Color CMOS C-Mount Microscope Camera with Reduction Lens

The MU1000B is an updated version of our MU series cameras. With the universal USB 2.0 interface, this bus-powered 10MP camera is a go-anywhere imaging solution. Deriving power from the USB connection, MU series...

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5MP High-Speed USB 3.0 Digital Microscope Camera

The MU503B is part of our high-speed camera line. With improved image-processing and USB 3.0 connectivity, this 5MP camera can achieve framerates of up to 101fps. The compact, all-metal design makes this a go-anywhere imaging...

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AmScope 1.4MP Ultra-sensitive Universal Temperature-Regulated CCD Camera for Low-light Fluorescence

This camera is designed for fluorescence microscopy. It is a 1.4 M.P. ultra-sensitive color CCD camera with a 2/3" Sony HAD CCD sensor. The camera reduces noise with a built-in...

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AmScope 2.8MP USB3.0 CCD Fluorescence Digital Camera

The MU283-CCD-FL is a highly-sensitive 2.3-megapixel CCD digital camera. The large sensor provides an extremely high signal-to-noise ratio, delivering excellent results in low-light applications such as fluorescence and dark-field microscopy....

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AmScope 5MP Global-shutter Low-light USB3.0 C-mount Microscope Camera with Calibration Slide

The 5.0MP MU503-GS uses a global-shutter CMOS sensor, offering hybrid of CCD and CMOS designs. The global shutter removes the focal-plane distortion seen in rolling-shutter sensors, resulting in improved capture...

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AmScope 6MP Universal Temperature-Regulated CCD Camera for Low-light Fluorescence

The MF603C-CCD is our top-of-the-line camera for imaging in low-light conditions such as fluorescence-microscopy. The camera uses a 6-megapixel, 1" Sony HAD CCD sensor, which dramatically boosts light-gathering efficiency. To...

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Excelis MPX-5C Pro Digital Microscope Camera
  • 5.0 M.P.
  • PC or MAC USB 3.0 Output
  • Extensive Software Features Included
  • Sony IMX264 Sensor
  • Brightfield or Fluorescence
$1,795.00 $1,525.00
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Excelis MPX-6C Digital Microscope Camera
  • 6.0 M.P.
  • PC or MAC USB 3.0 High Speed Output
  • CaptaVision+ Feature Rich Software
  • Up To 40FPS
  • Sony IMX178 Sensor
$875.00 $780.00
Moticam 5+ Digital Microscope Camera

The Moticam 5+ digital microscope camera outputs via USB 3.0 cable to your computer of choice - Windows or MAC. This 5 mega pixel camera comes with Motic Images Plus...

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Moticam S12 Digital Microscope Camera

Motic's new C-mount ready S12 digital microscope camera is the newest members of the Moticam family of professionally designed and engineered cameras. Easy enough for the microscopy novice but sophisticated enough...

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Moticam S3 Digital Microscope Camera

Moticam S3 delivers a mid-size resolution of 3MP, keeping the balance between speed and resolution. A universal tool for teaching and routine lab, for biology, medicine and industry. The sCMOS...

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