Nikon Microscopes

Microscope Central is proud to offer a large selection of Nikon compound and stereo microscopes. Nikon Corporation headquartered in Japan is a leader in the field of microscopy offering high quality premium microscopes for all markets. Nikon offers a lineup of microscopes from basic education to research applications. The Nikon Eclipse series features their biological compound microscopes the Nikon Eclipse E200 Microscope is a flagship model which can be found in classrooms, hospitals, and laboratories across the world. Nikon offers a stereo SMZ microscope line which offers stereo microscopes with magnifications to match your specific needs. The Nikon SMZ-455 stereo zoom microscope is Nikon's entry level stereo microscope which is ideal for education, dissecting, and industrial applications. Nor sure which Nikon microscope is right for your specific needs? Need a quote on a Nikon microscope or accessory? Contact us today and we can help!

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