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Accu-Scope Excelis Lite HDMI / USB Microscope Camera - AU-300-HD

With the new 1/2.5-inch 5 Megapixel CMOS sensor, the Excelis HD Lite (AU-300-HD) color camera delivers more faithful, clear images. HD Lite can be connected to a monitor with HDMI...

$695.00 $600.00
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Leica ICC50 W Microscope Camera

The Leica ICC50 W camera is one of the most versatile microscope cameras on the market. It has 3 output capabilities all giving you the ability to capture and replay...

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Accu-Scope Excelis HDMI / USB Microscope Camera - AU-600-HD

The Excelis HD is the only HDMI microscope camera in its class to offer simultaneous live image output to an HD monitor and to a computer via USB 2.0. Images...

$1,195.00 $1,050.00
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Accu-Scope Excelis HD Lite Microscope Camera w/ 11.6" Screen - AU-300-HDS
  • HDMI / USB Output Camera
  • 11.6" Retina Display Screen
  • On-Board Camera Control With Included Mouse HDMI Output
  • USB Output To PC For Further Capabilities
  • Add To Any Microscope
$1,170.00 $980.00
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1080p Full HD HDMI Microscope Camera

These AmScope microscope cameras feature both USB and HDMI output for the ultimate versatility. Using the HDMI output the camera can record live video, or capture images to a removable...

$611.99 $509.99
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Moticam 1080 HDMI & USB Output Microscope Camera

The NEW Moticam 1080 camera offers both HDMI & USB output. This improved model replaces the well-established Moticam 580 HD model. The Moticam 1080 output via HDMI cable to a...

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Microscope HDMI Camera with Standalone Recording

The HC210 is a highly-compact, self-contained imaging system. The Sony Exmor© sensor shows remarkable performance in both normal and low-light conditions, thanks to the new back-illuminated CMOS architecture which combines the light-gathering efficiency...

$263.99 $219.99
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Leica ICC50 HD Microscope Camera

The Leica ICC50 HD microscope camera can turn any Leica DM series microscope into a digital microscope. It gets mounted between the head and body of the microscope so it...

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Accu-Scope Excelis 4K Ultra High Definition HDMI & USB Camera
  • Ultra High Definition 4K Output
  • HDMI, USB, Ethernet
  • Stand Alone HDMI Controls
  • Advanced PC Software Features
$1,695.00 $1,400.00
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Microscope HDMI Camera with Standalone Recording + Wired Remote

The HC210R is a 1080p camera with wired remote capable of standalone recording, specially designed for microscopes. The camera can be mounted to a microscope with a C-mount imaging-port, or various other...

$293.99 $244.99
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Excelis HD Microscope Camera w/ 11.6" Screen AU-600-HDS

The Excelis HD microscope camera just got better! Now available with a built in 11.6 inch HD  (AU-600-HDS) retina display screen! This system has all the same features and benefits...

$1,695.00 $1,600.00
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Labomed Vega HD Microscope Camera

The new Labomed Vega camera is a high definition CMOS camera with super high 6.0 M.P. resolution. It offers on of the fastest frame rates in its class, high contrast,...

$1,233.25 $1,162.09
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AmScope 1080p Auto Focus C-mount Camera with HDMI + USB Mouse

This is an autofocusing 1080p C-mount digital camera with HDMI output. The camera can be mounted to any C-mount optical system, and is especially useful for inspection microscopes. The autofocus...

$762.99 $635.99
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1080p HDMI Microscope C-mount Camera + HD Monitor

Our brand new 1920x1080, 15fps camera kit with 11.5" monitor allows for live viewing and recording of your microscope image with ease. Record to an SD card or computer via...

$929.99 $774.99