Leica DM300 LED Microscope


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For slightly more advanced students high school in biology or 2-4 year college life science classrooms, this Leica DM300 advanced student compound microscope for sale is compact, maintenance-free, and easy to use providing trouble free operation on a daily basis. The Leica DM300, with a pre-centered, pre-focused professional condenser system for maximizing illumination, has a built-in mechanical stage with low-position x/y control for accurate specimen movement at high magnifications. This compound microscope for sale provides students with the tools they need to study the finest details in life sciences. The EZTube™ monocular tube has a 30° viewing angle and a 10x/18-mm eyepiece integrated into the tube with a non-removable pointer.

Equipped with a mechanical stage and labeled Abbe condenser, the Leica DM300 LED microscope can be configured with rotatable monocular or binocular tubes for shared viewing and easy storage.


Head: Monocular OR Binocular 30 degree viewing angle
Eyepieces: 10×/18 high eyepoint eyepieces pointer in right eyepiece

Monocular - E1 Achromat objectives 4x, 10x, 40x

Binouclar - E1 Achromat 4x, 10x, 40x, 100x Oil OR Plan Achromat 4x, 10x, 40x, 100x Oil

Stage: Mechanical Right handed Size: 13.5 cm (X) × 13.5 cm (Y) Travel: 7.8 cm (X) × 3.6 cm (Y)
Condenser: NA = 0.9/1.25 oil – Adjustable diaphragm with magnification labels
Focus: Coaxial focus controls, Self‑adjusting focus mechanism, 300 microns per fine focus rotation, Calibrated in 3 micron increments
Illumination: LED illumination – 6000 K temp, 25,000 h life at full intensity
Maintenance free Bright Illumination

Maintenance free

Maintenance free, sealed, brass shaft, focus mechanism; the same design that is used in our Clinical Microscopes provides accurate focusing control over the life of the microscope.

Bright Illumination

Leica EZLite™ LED illumination saves the cost of replacement lamps and provides a cool white light for over 20 years of average use at 80% lower energy consumption.

Compact Size Mechanical Stage

Compact Size

Compact size with small footprint for easy storage and easy carrying.

Mechanical Stage

Built in mechanical stage with low position X/Y controls for accurate specimen movement at high magnifications and the ability to accommodate two specimen slides.

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