Accu-Scope 3000-LED MOHS Surgery Microscope

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The Accu-Scope 3000-LED is a high quality, reliable microscope that can be configured for MOSH surgery applications. The crisp images and bright even LED illumination make this microscope popular amongst dermatologists. This microscope is built to last and is backed by the industry leading 5 year full warranty (mechanical & electrical).

Viewing Head: Binocular OR Trinocular, 30⁰ inclined and rotatable 360⁰
Eyepieces: HWF Plan 10x eyepiece, 20mm field of view with built-in diopter adjustment; a pointer is standard in one eyepiece; eyepieces are locked-in to prevent classroom tampering.
Nosepiece: Reversed quadruple
Objectives: Infinity Plan 2x, 4x, 10x, 20x, 40xR
Condenser: N.A. 1.25 Abbe condenser with diffusing slider
Stage: Mechanical stage, 140 x 132mm with X-Y movement range of 76 x 50mm
Illumination: 3 watt LED with variable intensity control
Focusing: Coaxial focusing system with an adjustable tension control and upper limit stop to prevent accidental damage to slides; all metal gears, brass fine focus gear
Accessories: Dust cover, immersion oil & instruction manual included

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