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Digital Package
Shop our pre-configured digital microscope packages. We can add a camera to almost ANY microscope, or customize any digital package. Call our experts 1-800-219-1451.
Head Type
Monocular - One viewing eyepiece. These are more common for Middle / High School level users.

Binocular - Two viewing eyepieces. These are common for College level and up.

Triniocular - A trinocular microscope has a 3rd port which allows for the addition of a camera. Not all microscopes require a trinocular head in order to mount a camera.

Multi-Viewing - These microscopes are typically for Clinical applications and allow for several people to view through the microscope at one time.

Dual-Viewing - Allows for two users to view through the microscope at one time. You can have a simple monocular microscope be dual-viewing or a high end Clinical microscope.

Tilting - A tilting head is commonly found on a Clinical grade microscope and allows the user to adjust the viewing angle. This makes the microscope ergonomic and comfortable for long periods of use.
Mag Type
Mega Pixels
Objective Type
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720p WiFi + USB Digital Camera for Microscopes

The MU100-WU is a USB-powered 720p WiFi camera delivering video up to 30fps. The camera can be tethered to a computer using a simple USB 2.0 connection, or through WiFi, using USB...

$311.99 $207.99
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Moticam X3 WiFi Microscope Camera

The Moticam X3 is a high resolution streaming WiFi camera. By creating its own WiFi signal, simply connect with your Android or iOS device and view, capture, and edit live...

$399.00 $320.00
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SKYE Wifi Digital Microscope Camera

The SKYE WiFiTM camera brings researchers and educators a new level of convenience and flexibility across a broad range of microscopy imaging applications for documentation, analysis, education and collaboration. Transmitting its...

$629.00 $595.00
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1080p HDMI WiFi Digital Camera for Standalone and PC Imaging + HD Monitor

The HD202-S11B includes our 1080p WiFi camera and an 11.6" monitor, delivering HD video up to 60fps, even in low light. The highly-sensitive digital sensor makes this camera ideal for low-light applications,...

$1,382.99 $829.99
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National BTW1-214-RLED Digital WiFi Tablet Microscope

This National Optical BTW1-214-RLED is a digital tablet WiFi monocular compound microscope with a wide range of features for educational use.  The digital microscope transmits live images to iOS or...

$1,035.00 $879.00
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Leica ICC50 HD Microscope Camera

The Leica ICC50 HD microscope camera can turn any Leica DM series microscope into a digital microscope. It gets mounted between the head and body of the microscope so it...

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VIEW4K High Definition 4K HDMI, WiFi, USB Microscope Camera
  • 4K High Definition Camera
  • HDMI, WiFi, LAN, USB Output
  • Feature Rich Built-In Software VIA HDMI Output
  • Measurements, Stitching, Time-Lapse, Extended Depth Of Focus
  • Add To Any Microscope
$2,000.00 $1,400.00
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Leica ICC50 W Microscope Camera

The Leica ICC50 W camera is one of the most versatile microscope cameras on the market. It has 3 output capabilities all giving you the ability to capture and replay...

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Leica EZ4 W Stereo Microscope w/ Integrated WiFi Camera

The Leica EZ4 W stereo microscope provides a wireless education solution to the science classroom. The Leica EZ4 W is a stereo microscope that features a 5-megapixel Wi-Fi digital camera...

$2,382.00 $2,143.00
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Zeiss Stemi 305 CAM Digital Stereo Zoom Microscope 0.8x - 4.0x

The new Zeiss Stemi 305 is a compact greenough stereo zoom microscope offering a 5:1 zoom. This microscope is perfect for education, laboratories, and industrial environments. The integrated LED illumination...

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Olympus CX23 WiFi & USB Digital Microscope Package

Our Olympus CX23 WiFi & USB digital microscope package is a complete digital microscope system with a camera that can output via WiFi to a phone, tablet, device, or USB...

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Accu-Scope 3000-LED Direct Output 4K Digital Microscope - HDMI, USB, WiFi
  • Choose With or Without Screen
  • USB, WiFi, HDMI Output
  • Plan Achromat 4x, 10x, 40x, 100x Oil Objectives
  • LED Illumination
  • 5 Year Mechanical & Electrical Warranty
$2,982.00 $2,530.00
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Leica DM500 WiFi Microscope System

Our Leica DM500 WiFi microscope system combines the Leica DM500 microscope with our 5.0 M.P. WiFi camera. This system is perfect for educational settings, veterinary practices, or other laboratory settings....

$3,150.00 $2,840.00
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Motic AE2000 Inverted Phase Contrast Digital Tablet Microscope
  • Complete Digital Package
  • Phase Contrast 4x & 10x
  • 10.1" Touchscreen Camera
  • Ideal For Tissue Culture
  • Optional Accessories
$3,811.00 $3,429.00