Jenoptik ProgRes C7 CCD 7 M.P. Microsocpe Camera

Jenoptik ProgRes

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The ProgRes® C7 combines a 7 mega pixel CCD sensor with a mechanical shutter. It is the first offering of a microscope camera that requires but a single shot to deliver this high resolution with superior image quality, including of objects in motion. Its high spatial resolution captures even the smallest details – an indispensable prerequisite for measurement and documentation jobs where high accuracy is required. To facilitate precise focusing and positioning of specimens, a fast live image up to a rate of twenty frames per second is available in high resolution.

With a color depth of 12 bits per color channel, the ProgRes® C7 produces excellent digital images of finest color gradings for sophisticated applications. Its high pixel number makes the ProgRes® C7 a particularly attractive tool in stereo microscopy or high-resolution macro photography. Jenoptik provides complete solutions for this type of integration.

Configured with standard IEEE1394 FireWire and C-Mount interfaces, the ProgRes® C7 easily connects to your microscope and computer.

Delivery includes CapturePro image acquisition software for Microsoft Windows and Apple Macintosh operating systems.It provides comprehensive functionality with intuitive operation. In addition, direct drivers are available for numerous image analysis and image archiving software packages.

• High resolution & fast live image
• Suitable for moving objects and flash illumination
• Precise triggering capability, with integrated shutter
• Easy operation with comprehensive functionality
• Safe investment
• Excellent price-performance ratio

Image sensor: 1/2.5´´ CCD
Color / Monochrome: Color
Sensor resolution [max]: 3072 x 2300 pixel [7.1 Mpix]
Active sensor size [H x V]: 5.71 mm x 4.29 mm
Pixel size: 1.86 μm² x 1.86
A / D conversion: 12 bit
Pixel clock: 36 MHz
Dynamic range: 60 dB
Exposure times: 170 μs ... 5 s
Analog gain: 1x ... 16x (SDK)
Max. frame rate [image size]: 18 fps [1228 x 920 pixel]
Image resolution: Binning: 4x (SDK)
Progr. scan: 1228 x 920 pixel
Cooling: No
Digital interface; FireWire A
Optical connection: C-Mount (0.5× TV pref.)
Trigger In / Out: Yes
Voltage supply: FireWire powered
Power consumption: approx. 6 W
Ambient conditions: Temperature: +5 °C ... +35 °C
Humidity: 5 % ... 80 %
Non condensing
Storage conditions: Temperature: -10 °C ... +50 °C
Dimensions [L x W x H]: 89 mm x 84 mm x 93 mm
Weight: approx. 700 g
Application software: ProgRes CapturePro for PC/MAC (TWAIN for PC only)
Computer requirements: PC: MS WIN XP/ Vista /WIN 7
Mac: OS X 10.4 or higher
256 MB graphics, FireWire A
Multicore recommended

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