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Unitron LED Quadrant Ring Light - 15854

Unitron LED Quadrant Ring Light 72 LED bulbs with 10-step variable intensity light control Sectional lighting control; allows users to direct the light from 4 separate quadrants 60.5 mm inner...

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AccuCam 3.0 M.P. Microscope Eyepiece Camera

This new AccuCam 3.0 M.P. microscope eyepiece camera makes it easy to turn any standard unit into a digital microscope. Remove your existing eyepiece and insert this camera in its place and...

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Nikon E200 Microscope Bulb - 3 Pack 6V 20W

Replacement bulb for Nikon E200 Microscope 6V 20W Pack of 3

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Leica S Series Stereo Microscope Objectives

Leica Stereo Microscope Objectives For:  S4 E , S6 E , S6 , S6 T,  S6 D , S8 APO, and all S9 series microscopes (with Adapter). Will also work...

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Eyepieces for Meiji EMZ Microscope Series

Paired (2) eyepieces for the Meiji EM series stereo microscopes.  (30.5MM O.D.)   Part Number Magnification  MA501 Super Widefield 5x MA718 Super Widefield 7.5x MA502 Super Widefield 10x MA520 Super...

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VIEW4K High Definition 4K HDMI, WiFi, USB Microscope Camera
  • 4K High Definition Camera
  • HDMI, WiFi, LAN, USB Output
  • Feature Rich Built-In Software VIA HDMI Output
  • Measurements, Stitching, Time-Lapse, Extended Depth Of Focus
  • Add To Any Microscope
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Accu-Scope 6V 20W Halogen Microscope Bulbs 3256 Pkg of 3ea

Pack of 3 For Use With: 3000, 3002, 3002-CB, 3004, 3015, 3003, 3030, 3035 Series Microscopes Part Number: 3256

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Nikon 10x Plan Achromat Microscope Objective

Nikon 10x CFI Plan Achromat Microscope Objective. For Nikon Eclipse E200, E400, E600, 50, 55i, Ci, & Ni microscopes. 25mm Threads N.A. 0.25 W.D. 10.5mm Brand New Part Number -...

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Leica DM IL Microscope Bulb - 11500322

Replacement bulb for Leica DM IL Microscope 6V 35W Leica Part Number: 11500322

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Accu-Scope 3W LED Microscope Bulb For 3000 Series 00-3365

1 Replacement LED Bulb For Use With: 3000-LED and 3001-LED Microscope Series Part Number: 00-3365 ***After ordering please send a photo of your current microscope bulb connectors. There was a...

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5MP High-Speed USB 3.0 Digital Microscope Camera

The MU503B is part of our high-speed camera line. With improved image-processing and USB 3.0 connectivity, this 5MP camera can achieve framerates of up to 101fps. The compact, all-metal design makes this a go-anywhere imaging...

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Nikon E400 Microscope Bulb - 3 Pack

Replacement bulb for Nikon E400 Microscope 6V 30W Pack of 3

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Lumen Dynamics X-Cite 120 Liquid Light Guide

Liquid Light Guide For Lumen Dynamics X-Cite 120 Part Number: Description: 805-00038 3 mm x 1500 mm X-Cite 120 liquid light guide 805-00040 3 mm x 3000 mm X-Cite 120...

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Nikon Eclipse E200 CFI E Plan Microscope Objectives

New Nikon CFI E Plan objective for Nikon Eclipse E200 microscope. Select your objective magnification. These are also compatible with E400, E600, E800, 50i, 55i, Ci series.   Part Number:...

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Nikon E200 Microscope Eyepieces

Replacement Eyepieces For Nikon E200 Microscopes. Since the original Nikon eyepieces often crack and break we offer both the original 100% authentic Nikon eyepieces or an alternative with the same...

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Leica Stereo Microscope Dust Cover - 10447039

Leica Dust Cover For S-Series Microscopes & Leica A60 F / A60 S Antistatic 320 x 190 x 410 mm    

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Olympus CX41 Microscope Bulbs - 3 Pack

Replacement bulbs for Olympus CX41 Microscopes 6v30w Pack of 3

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Accu-Scope Excelis Lite HDMI / USB Microscope Camera - AU-300-HD

With the new 1/2.5-inch 5 Megapixel CMOS sensor, the Excelis HD Lite (AU-300-HD) color camera delivers more faithful, clear images. HD Lite can be connected to a monitor with HDMI...

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144-LED Microscope Ring Light with Adapter

This 144-LED ring light kit for stereo microscopes includes a 144-LED ring light with 2.4" (61mm) inner diameter, a 110-220V black color power adapter and a ring adapter with 1-7/8"...

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Unitron LED 140 Ring Light - 15864

MADE IN THE USA! Silent, vibrant-free operation 66mm inner diameter Variable light control 40 powerful LEDs provide consistent even illumination Color temperature of 6000ºK Lamp life: 50,000 hours Produces 4030...

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Powerful LED Dual Goose-neck Microscope Illuminator Light

This is an LED illuminator with two 22-3/8" long 3-Watt gooseneck lamps that can be bent into various positions. The controller features independent intensity-control for each lamp, allowing for customized...

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Olympus BX41 Microscope Bulbs - 3 Pack

Replacement bulbs for Olympus BX41 Microscopes 6v30w Pack of 3

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Mitutoyo 10x M Plan APO Objective - 378-803-3

Mmitutoyo 10x M Plan Apochromatic Objective -378-803-3. The apochromatic optical design provides a flat, chromatic-aberration-free image for true-colour viewing, making this objective an ideal choice for metallurgical applications. Specifications Type:...

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Accu-Scope Large Microscope Dust Cover 3301-L

Large Dust Cover For Binocular Microscopes Black Nylon 18" W x 22"H  

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Leica DM1000, DM2000, DM3000, DMLS Bulb

Replacement 12V 30W Bulb For The Following Leica Microscopes: DM1000 DM2000 DM3000 DMLS Leica Part Number: 11500317

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Hard Sided Microscope Carrying Case

This microscope case has straps to secure the microscope in the case, and pockets on the front to store accessories. The sides of the case are hard, and soft on...

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Plan Achromat Objectives For Accu-Scope 3000 / 3001 Microscope Series

Plan Achromat Objectives For Accu-Scope 3000 & 3001 Series Microscopes Description 2x Plan achromat objective, N.A. 0.05, W.D. 18mm (use with filter slider CAT# 00-3222-2X) 4x Infinity plan achromat objective,...

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Nikon TS100 Microscope Bulb - 3 Pack

Replacement bulb for Nikon TS100 Microscope 6V 30W Pack of 3

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144 LED Four-Zone Microscope Ring Light with Adapter

This is a 144-LED intensity direction adjustable ring light with mounting size up to 2-1/2" (64mm) in diameter. The light ring is consisted of 4 individual portions (4 lighting zones)...

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Olympus BX40 Microscope Bulbs - 3 Pack

Replacement bulbs for Olympus BX40 Microscopes 6v30w Pack of 3