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1080p HDMI Microscope C-mount Camera + HD Monitor

Our brand new 1920x1080, 15fps camera kit with 11.5" monitor allows for live viewing and recording of your microscope image with ease. Record to an SD card or computer via...

$911.99 $759.99
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1080p HDMI WiFi Digital Camera for Standalone and PC Imaging + HD Monitor

The HD202-S11B includes our 1080p WiFi camera and an 11.6" monitor, delivering HD video up to 60fps, even in low light. The highly-sensitive digital sensor makes this camera ideal for low-light applications,...

$1,043.99 $869.99
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Accu-Scope Excelis HD Lite Microscope Camera w/ 11.6" Screen - AU-300-HDS
  • HDMI / USB Output Camera
  • 11.6" Retina Display Screen
  • On-Board Camera Control With Included Mouse HDMI Output
  • USB Output To PC For Further Capabilities
  • Add To Any Microscope
$1,170.00 $980.00
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Excelis HD Microscope Camera w/ 11.6" Screen AU-600-HDS

The Excelis HD microscope camera just got better! Now available with a built in 11.6 inch HD  (AU-600-HDS) retina display screen! This system has all the same features and benefits...

$1,695.00 $1,600.00
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View4K 4K Digital Microscope Camera With Screen - HDMI, USB, WiFi
  • 4K High Definition Camera
  • HDMI, WiFi, LAN, USB Output
  • Feature Rich Built-In Software VIA HDMI Output
  • Measurements, Stitching, Time-Lapse, Extended Depth Of Focus
  • Add To Any Microscope
$2,300.00 $1,700.00