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Motic B&S Camera Adapter

The Motic B&S adapter attaches to any c-mount camera allowing you to use the camera in the eye-tube of your microscope or in the trinocular photo tube of your microscope.

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Moticam X5 WiFi Microscope Camera

The Moticam X5 is a high resolution streaming WiFi camera. By creating its own WiFi signal, simply connect with your Android or iOS device and view, capture, and edit live...

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Moticam A8 Digital Microscope Camera

Live - Print - Documentation. The Moticam A8 uses a fast sCMOS imaging setup to deliver 3840x2160 pixel images at up to 15 frames per second. That’s 4K imaging with 8MP resolution....

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Motic Images Advanced Software

Motic Images version 3.2 is an advanced digital microscope software for microscopy. This Motic software is to be used for microscope digital cameras or for importing microscopy images.

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Moticam S3 Digital Microscope Camera

Moticam S3 delivers a mid-size resolution of 3MP, keeping the balance between speed and resolution. A universal tool for teaching and routine lab, for biology, medicine and industry. The sCMOS...

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Moticam BTX8 WiFi Tablet Microscope Camera

The Moticam BTX8 unlike other Moticams is combined with a 4.0MP and a 8" Android tablet that will deliver fast live images up to 30 fps on any trinocular microscope...

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Moticam 5+ Digital Microscope Camera

The Moticam 5+ digital microscope camera outputs via USB 3.0 cable to your computer of choice - Windows or MAC. This 5 mega pixel camera comes with Motic Images Plus...

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Moticam S12 Digital Microscope Camera

Motic's new C-mount ready S12 digital microscope camera is the newest members of the Moticam family of professionally designed and engineered cameras. Easy enough for the microscopy novice but sophisticated enough...

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Moticam BTU10 Tablet Microscope Camera

The Moticam BTU10 is a tablet microscopy solution that consists of a customized 10" Android tablet connected to a microscopy imaging camera. The Android tablet is completely separate from the...

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Moticam 1080 HDMI & USB Output Microscope Camera

The NEW Moticam 1080 camera offers both HDMI & USB output. This improved model replaces the well-established Moticam 580 HD model. The Moticam 1080 output via HDMI cable to a...

$1,104.00 $993.60
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