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Digital Package
Shop our pre-configured digital microscope packages. We can add a camera to almost ANY microscope, or customize any digital package. Call our experts 1-800-219-1451.
Head Type
Monocular - One viewing eyepiece. These are more common for Middle / High School level users.

Binocular - Two viewing eyepieces. These are common for College level and up.

Triniocular - A trinocular microscope has a 3rd port which allows for the addition of a camera. Not all microscopes require a trinocular head in order to mount a camera.

Multi-Viewing - These microscopes are typically for Clinical applications and allow for several people to view through the microscope at one time.

Dual-Viewing - Allows for two users to view through the microscope at one time. You can have a simple monocular microscope be dual-viewing or a high end Clinical microscope.

Tilting - A tilting head is commonly found on a Clinical grade microscope and allows the user to adjust the viewing angle. This makes the microscope ergonomic and comfortable for long periods of use.
Illumination Type
Mag Type
Mega Pixels
Objective Type
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40X-1000X Biology Science Metal Glass Student Microscope with USB Digital Camera

This is a perfect microscope with a 640x480 pixel USB digital camera for students to learn science. There are five magnification settings, 40X, 100X, 250X, 400X and 1000X. It comes...

$186.99 $137.99
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AmScope 40X-800X Student Compound Microscope

This is a perfect microscope for students to learn science. It comes with full optical glass elements, metal framework, 360 degree rotatable monocular head, coarse & fine focusing, and LED...

$187.99 $76.99
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100 Pre-Cleaned Blank Microscope Slides and 100 22x22mm Square Cover Glass

This is a package of 100pc pre-cleaned blank microscope glass slides with ground edges plus 100 piece 22x22mm square glass cover slips. The dimensions of the slide are 1" x...

$31.99 $17.99
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AmScope 40x-800x Student Compound Microscope - LED Cordless

This cordless LED monocular biological microscope is designed for both indoor and outdoor applications. With the versatility of a rechargeable battery operated system and an adjustable rheostat light intensity control,...

$239.98 $114.99
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5MP High-Speed USB 3.0 Digital Microscope Camera

The MU503B is part of our high-speed camera line. With improved image-processing and USB 3.0 connectivity, this 5MP camera can achieve framerates of up to 101fps. The compact, all-metal design makes this a go-anywhere imaging...

$389.99 $264.99
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AmScope 40X-2000X LED Biological Trinocular Compound Microscope with 5MP Camera

This compound microscope is a day-to-day workhorse instrument for biological applications. This microscope features a 45 degree inclined, 360 degree rotating trinocular head with adjustable interpupillary distance, two pairs of...

$1,319.99 $784.99
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78-LED Microscope LED Ring Light with Controller

This is an intensity-adjustable 78-LED ring light with control box. Its mounting size is up to 2-9/16" (70mm) in diameter, and it has an outer diameter of 4.17" (106mm). It...

$134.99 $89.99
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144 Pre-Cleaned Blank Microscope Slides and 200 22x22mm Square Cover Glass

This is a package of 144pc pre-cleaned blank microscope glass slides with ground edges plus 200 piece 22x22mm square glass cover slips. The dimensions of the slide are 1" x...

$29.99 $19.99
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25 Microscope Prepared Slides, 50 Pre-Cleaned Blank Plate Slides, 6 Single Depression Concave Slides and 100 Coverslips

This is a microscope slide package that comes with 25 prepared slides, 50 pre-cleaned blank plate slides, 6 single depression concave slides and 100 coverslips. The 25 piece very nice...

$52.99 $34.99
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144-LED Microscope Ring Light with Adapter

This 144-LED ring light kit for stereo microscopes includes a 144-LED ring light with 2.4" (61mm) inner diameter, a 110-220V black color power adapter and a ring adapter with 1-7/8"...

$129.99 $87.99
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AmScope 3.5X-90X Circuit Zoom Stereo Microscope + 144 LED Light + 5MP Digital Camera

The AmScope SM-4TZ-144-5MT is idea for inspection, circuit board re-work, soldering, engraving, etc. This trinocular microscope has 3.5x - 90x capability and includes a 5.0 M.P. high resolution digital camera....

$1,655.98 $831.99
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AmScope 40X-2500X LED Digital Binocular Compound Microscope w 3D Stage + 5MP USB Camera

Our new binocular compound microscope with 5MP USB camera is designed for teaching demonstrations, clinical examinations and laboratory applications. It is a perfect microscope for a range of people from...

$460.99 $342.99
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Kimtech Science KimWipes Delicate Task Wipers

Over 60 years, Kimwipes Wipers keeps the #1 lab wiper. From sterile pre-saturated cleanroom wipers to the wiper that's the industry standard for labs and research, Kimwipes continues to provide...

$18.99 $9.99
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144 LED Four-Zone Microscope Ring Light with Adapter

This is a 144-LED intensity direction adjustable ring light with mounting size up to 2-1/2" (64mm) in diameter. The light ring is consisted of 4 individual portions (4 lighting zones)...

$149.99 $102.99
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Powerful LED Dual Goose-neck Microscope Illuminator Light

This is an LED illuminator with two 22-3/8" long 3-Watt gooseneck lamps that can be bent into various positions. The controller features independent intensity-control for each lamp, allowing for customized...

$254.99 $174.99
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0.7X-5X Zoom 1080p 60fps 2MP Auto-focus HDMI Digital Inspection Microscope with Ring-light

This is a highly-versatile auto-focus inspection system with multi-function imaging. The ultra-sharp 0.7X-5X zoom lens is ideal for quality-control inspection and repair. The 96-LED ring-light provides bright, low-heat, even illumination....

$1,832.99 $1,335.99
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20W LED Fiber Optic Dual Gooseneck Light Microscope Illuminator

This Dual Gooseneck 20W LED illuminator provides clean, cool, and even illumination. The convenience of LED illumination provides hassle free use. Features & Specifications: Fiber Optic Illuminator with Dual Gooseneck Light...

$487.99 $329.99
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150W Dual Goose-Neck Fiber-Optic Illuminator

This 150W Dual Goosneck Illuminator offers bright illumination with variable intensity controls. Features & Specifications : 150 Watt Halogen Variable Intensity Fiber Optic Light Source Great for Discriminating Lighting Perfect...

$374.99 $277.99
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10MP USB 2.0 High-performance Color CMOS C-Mount Microscope Camera with Reduction Lens

The MU1000B is an updated version of our MU series cameras. With the universal USB 2.0 interface, this bus-powered 10MP camera is a go-anywhere imaging solution. Deriving power from the USB connection, MU series...

$494.99 $329.99
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100 Pre-Cleaned Blank Microscope Slides and 100 22x22mm Square Cover Glass

This is a package of 100pc pre-cleaned blank microscope glass slides with ground edges plus 100 piece 22x22mm square glass cover slips. The dimensions of the slide are 1" x...

$39.99 $17.99
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Microscope Slide Preparation Kit Including Slides, Stains

This is the ideal starter kit for home slide preparation. Including 22 pieces of equipment ranging from stains to tweezers and a pipette, our preparation kit is everything you need...

$63.99 $28.99
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5MP USB 2.0 Color CMOS Digital Eyepiece Microscope Camera

The MD500 is an ultra-compact 5MP USB digital microscope camera, ideally suited for use as an eyepiece camera. By itself, it will fit 23mm ocular or photo ports, but it can be adapted to...

$163.99 $107.99
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150W Fiber Optic Dual Gooseneck Microscope Illuminator

This is a fiber optic dual light microscope illuminator. Its top window design is convenient for changing bulbs. Its auto-shut-off mechanism will cut off electricity automatically when the window is...

$374.99 $277.99
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Microscope Operation and Maintenance Kit - Immersion Oil & Cleaning Package

This professional operation and maintenance kit is what you'll need to keep your microscope working and clean. It includes two types of immersion oil for high magnification power objectives: one...

$62.99 $52.98
40X-1600X Binocular Biological Compound Microscope

This is a binocular LED compound microscope designed for clinical examination and teaching demonstration in medical field, laboratories and colleges. It comes with compensation-free binocular head, mechanical stage and LED...

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100 Biology Prepared Microscope Slides, Blank Slide Coverslip Set and Pipettes

This item comes with 100 piece microscope prepared sample slides, 72 piece pre-cleaned clear blank slides, 100 piece coverslips and 50 piece 1ml pipettes. The very nicely prepared microscope slides...

$107.99 $73.99
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72 Pre-Cleaned Blank Microscope Slides With Ground Edges

These are 72pc blank microscope slides with ground edges. The dimensions of the slides are 1" x 3" (24.5 x 76.2mm). They are made of clear glass and are pre-cleaned....

$19.99 $12.99
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AmScope 40X-2500X Infinity Plan Laboratory Compound Microscope with LCD Touch Pad Screen

This brand new professional trinocular compound microscope comes equipped with an infinity Plan optical system and offers advanced features as well as research grade performance. Its crystal clear optical and...

$1,841.99 $1,325.99
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AmScope 10X-30X Super Widefield Pillar Stand Stereo Microscope with Top & Bottom LED Lights

The AmScope SW-2B13-6WA-V331 is a professional grade stereo microscope providing 10x & 30x magnification settings. The durable post stand allows for viewing of large and small samples. The microscope features...

$339.99 $244.99
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50 Pre-Cleaned Blank Plate Microscope Slides and 6 Single Depression Concave Slides Plus 100 Coverslips

This item contains 50 pre-cleaned blank microscope plate slides and 6 single depression concave slides plus 100 square cover slips. They are made of optical glass and pre-cleaned. Features &...

$26.99 $17.99