Unitron Z6 / Z8 / Z10 LED Fluorescence Stereo Microscope


$11,875.00  $13,349.00

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The Unitron Zoom series microscopes consisting of the Z6, Z8, Z10 utilize state of the art engineering and optics. Ergonomically designed and modular the zoom series is ideal for all applications. On an LED transmitted and reflected illumination stand combined with LED fluorescence this microscope package will save time and money. The CoolLEd system requires no warm up time, no cool down time, and no bulb changes!

You choose from the Z6, Z8, or Z10 along with the two wavelengths for the LED dual wavelength system. Chroma GFP/FITC & DAPI are standard and included.

8x-50x Zoom
8x-64x Zoom
8x-80x Zoom
LED Stand
Coaxial coarse and fine focus
Simultaneous variable reflected and transmitted LED Illumination
Stage Clips
Fluorescence attachment 4 position slider
CoolLED fluorescence illuminator - 2 Wavelenths
LED 365 LED 470 LED 530
Fluorophore Fluorophore Fluorophore
Calcofluor White FITC Rhodamine
Roechst Auramine Spectrum Green
  Alexa 488 Cy3
Acridine RFP
and other like fluorophores and other like fluorophores and other like fluorophores

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