Unitron 12100 / 12130 Polarizing Light Microscope


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UNITRON’s new 12100 Polarizing Microscope is an excellent choice for university and industrial applications for the examination of birefringent materials for geology, petrography, crystallography and material sciences. Available with either a binocular or trinocular (50/50 light split) viewing head, a centerable nosepiece and a bright white 5 watt LED illuminator, the 12100 Polarizing Microscope Series delivers tremendous performance and value. Engineered for ease of use, but rugged enough to withstand demanding classroom and industrial environments, UNITRON’s 12100 Series provides outstanding value and best-in-class performance.

Binocular viewing head, inclined 30° OR Trinocular (50/50 Light Split)
Eyepieces: WF10x focusable eyepieces, 20mm field of view - crossline reticle in one eyepiece
Nosepiece: Reversed quadruple nosepiece - one centrable position
Analyzer: Intermediate tube with focusable Bertrand Lens and rotatable Analyzer - ƛ Tint Plate, 1/4ƛ Retardation Plate and Quartz Wedge
Polarizer: Rotatable polarizer
Objectives: 4x, 10x, 20xR & 40xR infinity plan strain free objectives (Optional 60x Objective)
Circular stage:

360° circular rotatable stage, 2 Stage clips included

Attachable Mechanical Stage (Optional)

Condenser: Achromat swing out condenser - N.A. 0.9/0.3
Focusing: Coaxial focusing system
Illumination: Variable 5 watt LED illumination system with field iris, 100- 240v universal power supply
Accessories: Dust cover and instruction manual 
Warranty: 5 Year Mechanical & 1 Year Electrical 

*Camera Shown Not Included

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