Nikon SMZ-U StereoZoom Microscope Refurbished

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One of the first ergonomically friendly microscopes, the Nikon SMZ-U had a low eye-level design feature that reduces fatigue over long hours of observation. A variable iris diaphragm, conveniently positioned on the front of the body tube, offered flexible control for depth of focus. An aberration-free apochromat 1x objective tops off the superb objective lineup.

The SMZ-U zoom produced a ratio of 10:1, covering a range of 0.75x to 7.5x, and reducing the need for frequent lens changes.

Higher resolution and a wider zoom range guaranteed high quality images at any magnification, while maintaining the natural shape and color of the specimen. This model, which was the most advanced stereoscopic microscope of the period, was first produced in the early 1990s.

Viewing Head: Binocular head
Eyepieces: SMZ-U UW10xA/24 - Both adjustable and locking
Zoom Ratio: 10:1
Zoom Range: 0.75x-7.5x (7.5-75x with eyepieces) continuous zoom
Auxiliary Objective: ED Plan 1x
Stand: NO STAND INCLUDED.  Please see our stand options as we can provide any brand. 

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