Nikon Eclipse 50i Binocular Ergonomic Microscope

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The Nikon Eclipse 50i, a binocular microscope, incorporates a host of stunning features that take the stress out of microscopy. A stay-in-position stage handle and tilting/telescoping ergonomic eyepiece tube ensure ideal viewing posture.
Nikon’s tried and tested infinity optics, the CFI60 system, which means you not only get the optimum optical performance, but you also have the freedom to add various accessories to create the setup that best suits your purpose.

This is a fully refurbished Nikon Eclipse microscope and is in great shape both optically and mechanically 

**Additional parts, accessories and configurations are available - Please contact us**

Nikon 50i Microscope Specifications

Binocular Head - ***Ergonomic Head Pictured (No Longer Available)***

Eyepiece length is extendable up to 40mm

Eyepieces: CFI 10X/22mm

Plan 4x/0.10 - WD 30mm

Plan 10x/0.25 - WD 10.5mm

Plan 20x/0.40 - WD 1.2mm                       *OTHER OBJECTIVES AVAILABLE*

Plan 40x/0.65 - WD 0.57mm


Mechanical refocusing XY Stage

"Alumite" coated for durability and smoothness 


Nikon Abbe 0.90 NA condenser with diaphragm

Height adjustable with thumb screws for Kohler illumination

Focus: Coaxial coarse/fine focus controls
Illumination: 6V-30W halogen lamp
Misc: Power cord included 
Warranty: 1 year

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