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Motic Easy Scan Pro Digital Slide Scanner

Motic Easy Scan Pro Digital Slide Scanner


Motic Easy Scan Pro Digital Slide Scanner
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The Motic Easy Scan Digital Slide Scanner is a new cost effective solution to easily and quickly scan whole 1 x 3" Pathology slides in minutes. The Easy Scan Pro allows for 6 slides to be loaded and scanned in minutes. The Easy Scan Pro features easy to use software capable of scanning high resolution images for diagnosis, a secondary opinion, or teaching. The Motic Easy Scan Pro offers live remote control to any device with an internet connection.

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Pricing Starting At $24,995

Once a slide is scanned you have the ability to process the image further. The Motic easy scan allows for:

  • Free Annotating
  • Zooming - In & Out
  • Measurements
  • Application of grids, masks
  • Side-By-Side comparison
  • Image processing, adjustment & Enhancement
  • Realtime AutoFocus
  • Preview images in seconds
  • Z Stacking
  • Barcode reader
  • Extended depth of field






High NA APO 20X (NA 0.65)

UltraHigh NA APO 20X (NA 0.75)

Scanning time 15x15mm

6 min (40X magnification)

3 min (40X magnification)


Medium Fast Autofocus

Fast Realtime Autofocus

Camera sensor

Fast Speed CCD

0.5ms @ 15 fps · 2/3”CCD Sensor


20X: 0.5μm/pixel (binning); 40X: 0.25μm/pixel

Optical System

CCIS® Infinity optics, 10W LED light source, Lifetime: >30,000 hours

Slide capacity

1 and 6 Slide-Magazine

Scanning Process

Automatic and Manual ROI mode

One Click Scanning

High Speed Autofocus

Multi-Layer 3D

High Precision Single Field Focusing

Slide dimensions

Tolerances - Length: 76 (+0/-1) Width: 26 (+0-1) Thickness: +0.1/-0.2

Computer / Monitor

Dell workstation (RAM 8G, HD 1TB), 24’ LCD Monitor


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