Motic BA410 Fluorescence Upright Microscope

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The Motic BA410 Elite is a high quality laboratory grade microscope. This microscope is outfitted for fluorescence microscopy. We can customize this to your specifications.


Binocular head Siedentopf type 30°, inclined, 360° rotating

Trinocular 3 step light split (100:0/20:80/0:100)

Eyepieces: Wide field high eyepoint eyepiece N-WF10X / 22mm with diopter adjustment on both eyepieces, with rubber eyecup (paired)
Nosepiece: Reversed quintuple nosepiece with click stops for precise magnification changes

CCIS Plan Achromat EC-H PL 4X, 10X, 40X S, 100X Oil


Plan Fluar 4x, 10x, 40x, 100x Oil


EF-INV EPI-Fluorescence Attachment:

Epi-Fluorescence attachment with filter cassette

Mercury lamp 100w

Lamphouse HBO 100W, collector lens, and mercury lamp socket for HBO 100W

Starter unit for HBO 100W

Lamp centering tool & power cord

DAPI, FITC, & TRITC Filter Cubes Standard - Optional Filter Cubes Below

Condenser: Focusable and centrable Achromat swing-out condenser N.A. 0.90 with iris diaphragm
Stage: Large 175mm X 145mm mechanical stage with low-position coaxial controls. Travel range 80 X 53mm. Sample holder can hold up to 2 slides

Koehler illumination quartz Halogen 6V/30W with external lamphouse and intensity control

Universal power supply 110-220v

Focusing: Coaxial coarse and fine focusing system with 1 micron minimum increment with tension adjustment
Accessories: 45mm blue filter, immersion oil (5ml), power cord, allen hexagonal key, vinyl dust cover
Warranty: 5 Year Mechanical & 1 Year Electrical


Standard filter cubes are DAPI, FITC, & TRITC. You can choose any three filter cubes from the list below in replacement of these for the same cost. Please specify which filter cubes you would like in the checkout comment box.

 DAPI & Hoechst

Exciter  D350/50x

Dichroic  400DCLP

Emitter  D460/50m

FITC FITC/RSGFP/FLuo 3/DiO Acardine Orange

Exciter  D480/30x

Dichroic  505DCLP

Emitter  D535/40m



Exciter  D470/40x

Dichroic  495DCLP

Emitter  E515lpv2

TRITC (Rhodamine)/DiI/Cy3 Set

Exciter  D540/25x

Dichroic  565DCLP

Emitter  D605/55m

Texas Red / Cy3.5 Set

Exciter  D560/40x

Dichroic  595DCLP

Emitter  D630/60m

Cy5, Alexa Fluor 633, Alexa Fluor 647 Set

Exciter  HQ620/60x

Dichroic  Q660LP

Emitter  HQ700/75m


Endow GFP Bandpass Emission Set

Exciter  HQ470/40x

Dichroic  Q495LP

Emitter  HQ525/50m

Yellow GFP BP (10C/Topaz) Set

Exciter  HQ500/20x

Dichroic  Q515LP

Emitter  HQ535/30m


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