Meiji TC-5000 Inverted Fluorescence Microscope Series


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The new Meiji TC5000 inverted tissue culture Epi Fluorescent microscopes are an ideal choice for laboratory and research applications. Its ergonomically positioned controls provide stress free operation, increased efficiency and maximum productivity. Meiji's newly designed Infinity Corrected Optical System provide superior fluorescent images.

Viewing Head: Binocular OR Trinocular (100 or 80/20 split) seidentopf 30 degree inclined.
Eyepieces: 10x Super widefield 22mm
Fluorescence: Two Chroma Filters below installed standard with TC-5500 and TC5600
  • Chroma filter (19002L) - AT-GFP / FITC Longpass - (Installed in TC-FS/PT#4) - Exciter (EX): AT480/30x, Dichroic (BS)AT505DC, Emitter (EM): AT515lp
  • Chroma filter (19004) - AT-TRITC/Cy3 Longpass - (Installed in TC-FS/PT#4) - Exciter (EX): AT540/25x, Dichroic (BS)AT565DC, Emitter (EM): 515lp

100 Watt Mercury Lamphouse

Blue & Green Filer Cubes

Objectives: LWD TC Plan 10x & 20x
Stage: Plain Fixed Stage
Condenser: Extra Long Working Distance .30 N.A.
Focus Adjustment: Coaxial coarse and fine focusing controls
Illumination: 6 volt 30 watt brightfield illumination
Mics: Photo Port

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Meiji TC-500 Inverted Fluorescence Brochure


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