Meiji MT9500 Gout Analysis Microcope


$4,607.00  $5,420.00

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The Meiji MT9500 series microscope is designed to identify crystals present in body fluids.

Head: Binocular, Ergonomic Binocular, OR Trinocular
Eyepieces: SWH 10x F.N. 22
Nosepiece: Reversed Quadruple
Objectives: Strain Free Plan 4x, 10x, & 40x
Stage: Ceramic coated mechanical stage
Condenser: Strain free Abbe N.A. 1.25                                                                              
Polarizer & Analyzer Sliding analyzer and full wave plate polarizer
Focusing: Coarse/Fine Focus

Transmitted variable koehler 6V 30W Halogen

Universal 110-230 Voltage

Misc: Dust Cover, manual, limited lifetime warranty

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