Meiji MT8000 Bichromatic Ferrographic Microscope



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The Meiji MT8000 Bichromatic Ferrographic Microscope comes complete with everything including the green and red filters for bichromatic mode. Select from LED or Halogen illumination and your choice of head - binocular, trinocular, ergonomic binocular, or ergonomic trinocular.

Microscope Specifications:
Viewing Head:



Binocular Ergonomic Tilting

Trinocular Ergonomic Tilting

Eyepieces: SWH 10x FN22
Nosepiece: Quintuple
Objectives: Plan EPI 5x, 10x, 20x, 50x
Condenser: Abbe condenser, N.A. 1.25
Stage: Ceramic coated flat top w xy controls

6v30w Halogen reflected & transmitted

LED reflected & transmitted

Focusing: Coaxial focusing system with coarse/fine focus

Universal power supply for 110v — 240v


MA857/05 green clear filter

F-V73990 Red clear filter

Dust cover, power cord, instructions


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