Meiji ML9000 Series Polarizing Microscope



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Polarizing Microscope with large stable microscope base and limb with graduated coaxial coarse and fine focusing( with safety stop), rack and pinion focusing condenser mount, Equipped with strain free condenser and strain free objectives with pre-centered transmitted Koehler illuminator with 6V 30W Halogen lamp with variable intensity control

Meiji manufactures these microscopes for most applications in Geology, Petrology, Mineralogy, Toxicology, Chemistry, Pharmaceutical, Medicine, Pulp/Paper, Atmospheric pollution, Ceramics Technology, Forensic Medicine, etc.

Head: Binocular head 30° inclined, or monocular head, or trinocular with beam-splitter
Eyepieces: HWF 10x & HSW 10x Focusing with cross-line reticle
Bertand Lens: Bertrand lens in sliding mount with analyzer
Plates: Mica 1/4 wave plate and first order red plate
Nosepiece: Centerable quadruple nosepiece
Objectives: SM Plan Strain free 4x, 10x, 40x

Abbe 1.25 N.A. with iris, filter holder, blue filter

Rotatable polarizer in swing-out mount

Stage: 360º Circular Rotating Stage

Koehler illumination halogen 6V/30W with intensity control

Universal Power Supply 100-240V

Focusing: Coarse/Fine Focus
Accessories: Centering wrenchs, dust cover, power cord,
Warranty: Limited Lifetime

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