Meiji GMEZ-8TR Gemological Darkfield Zoom Microscope


$3,319.25  $3,905.00

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The Meiji GMEZ-8TR is a high end gemological microscope. This microscope can be used for diamond grading or to show customers the quality of the diamond being offered. Its easy to use gem clamp, full size, and indeclinable stand makes this microscope easy to operate and use in front of the customer. This microscope is sure to help boost sales and help gain customer confidence in your fine jewelery. The camera port allows you to view the stone through the microscope and camera at the same time!

Body: Trinocular 45 degree angle rotatable 360 degrees. 100/100 viewing. simultaneous viewing through eyepieces and trinocular port

Super widefield 10X eyepiece, FN 23mm - Paired

Super widefield 20X eyepiece, FN 11.5mm - Paired (Both 10x and 20x eyepieces included)

Zoom: .7x - 4.5x
Stand: GEMZ/PT professional full-sized inclinable gem stand for zoom stereo bodies with built-in 30W tungsten darkfield illumination system, gem clamp, illuminator with articulating arm.

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