Meiji GEMZ-5 Gemological Darkfield Stereo Microscope


$3,004.75  $3,535.00

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The Meiji gemological microscopes have been a staple at many fine jewelers for years. They are dependable, easy to use, and sure to impress the customer. The GEMZ-5 with a zoom range of .7x - 4.5x. Combine the GEMZ-5 with a rotatable stand for easy customer viewing and you have the ultimate selling tool!

Body: Binocular 45 degree angle rotatable 360 degrees

Super widefield 10X eyepiece, FN 23mm - Paired

Super widefield 20X eyepiece, FN 11.5mm - Paired (Both 10x and 20x eyepieces included)

Zoom: .7x - 4.5x
Accessories Gem clamp
GEMZ/PT Inclinable, darkfield, 30 W Tungsten
GEMZ/BF-DF Inclineable, darkfield & brightfield, 30 W Tungsten
GEMZ/SV Inclineable & rotatable, darkfield, 30 W Tungsten
GEMZ/SVH Inclineable & rotatable, darkfield, 30 W Halogen, variable intensity control
GEMZ/SVH/BD Inclineable & rotatable, brightfield/darkfield, 30 W Halogen, variable intensity control

Meiji GEMZ-5 Microscope Brochure

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