Meiji BAS-2 Heavy Duty Boom Stand

Meiji BAS-2 Heavy Duty Boom Stand

The BAS-2 heavy duty dual arm industrial-type boom stand comes with a 20mm diameter drop down mounting post to perfectly complement our EMZ (Zoom), EMT...

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The BAS-2 heavy duty dual arm industrial-type boom stand comes with a 20mm diameter drop down mounting post to perfectly complement our EMZ (Zoom), EMT (Turret), EMF (Fixed) Series Stereo Microscope with the proper focus block.  The BAS-2 provides complete flexibility for smooth horizontal and vertical movement and adjustment.  The BAS-2 uses linear ball bearings to support the horizontal arm, allowing it to glide over the work surface with none of the binding inherent in other boom stands. It is now possible to scan a large flat area, such as a printed circuit board, by simply guiding the microscope with your hands.  This is best made heavy Duty Boom stand from U.S.A.  There is zero friction motion from precision roller bearings machined into cast housings along with a sturdy solid 80 lbs. metal 13 inch x 13 inch x 1.5 inch base with heavy duty rubber feet and ergonomic handles provides an excellent solution for heavy duty and industrial applications requiring smooth friction free travel.

The BAS-2 Heavy Duty Boom Stand is Meiji Techno America’s most popular Ergonomic boom stand with pillar, crossarm and a 20mm drop down mounting post accepts industry standard focus blocks with a 20mm mounting hole.  The BAS-2 is equipped with a 635mm (25”) vertical pole and a 457.2mm (18”) horizontal pole.  The BAS-2 offers minimal space requirement and greatest possible amount stability for EM stereo system up to 30 lbs.  There is no loss of stability even at its furthest travel.   The BAS-2 can swing out of the way easily, clearing the workstation for other tasks.  The horizontal arm can be moved freely and smoothly left to right or can be securely locked into position with our spring loaded handle knobs.  The vertical column is used to compensate for taller specimen heights to accommodate the working distances of different microscope bodies.  Anti-rotation is stabilized by a locking pin on the vertical post.  The BAS-2 Heavy Duty Boom stand provides a comfortable amount of space for large Solar panels to large semiconductor and electrical components. The BAS-2 is supported by a 80.00 lbs. base.  This boom stand is an affordable; low cost with high quality safety features makes this boom stand unmatched value in its class.  This stand has ample height and long reach to work on an inspect small to large parts under the microscope.   Ergonomic flexibility, chemical resistant paint finish and corrosion resistant stainless steel columns make this boom stand an excellent choice in labs and production facilities.  

Product Information:
   • Manufactured: 100% MADE IN U.S.A
   • Customer Support: 1-(800) 832-0060 (U.S.A Based)

Package Information: (2 Boxes)
   • Weight: 29lbs (Arm)
   • Box Size: 28 x 9 x 10 inches (Arm)
   • Weight: 80lbs (Base)
   • Box Size: 16 x 16 x 10 inches (Base)