Leitz LaborLux 11Pol S Binocular Microscope Refurbished

Used Leitz


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Head: Binocular Pol-tube S

Periplan 10x/18 Eyepieces, both focusing

One cross-hair scale reticule 


Intermediate tube contains:

Bertrand Lens, full wave plate, analyzer

Nosepiece Quadruple, centerable with centering screws
Focusing: Coaxial Coarse & fine focus
Stage: Graduated 360 degree Rotatable stage, 2 Stage Clips
Objectives: EF 4x/0.12NA, EF 10x/0.25NA, EF 25x/0.50NA, EF 40x/0.65NA
Substage: Polarizing condenser with built-in iris diaphragm and flip out top lens
Light Source: 6V 10W tungsten halogen lamp, variable 
Warranty: One Year

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