Leica EZ4 HD Digital Stereo Microscope



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Check out the NEW EZ4 W Integrated WiFi HD Stereo Microscope!

The Leica EZ4 HD dissecting/stereo microscope combines high quality optics with digital technology and high-definition video output to give students, teachers, and microscopists an unparalleled viewing experience. The Leica dissecting microscope is designed primarily for the university and college market. The Leica EZ4 HD offers a 7-way adjustable LED illumination system with transmitted, incident, and oblique light for high contrast viewing and imaging.

This microscope with digital camera integrates high-definition and offers a fast live image on a computer screen or HD display, transforming this Leica stereo microscope into a digital microscope. It captures 3 Megapixel color images directly onto SD card as a stand alone system or it can be connected via USB to a Windows or Mac computer. Making movies and snapping pictures is a breeze with the optional wireless remote control. Free intuitive Imaging software is included with this Leica stereo microscope which allows easy fine tuning, capture, and archiving of images.


Head: Binocular 60° Built In HD camera
Eyepieces: 10x/20 Fixed
Zoom Range: 0.8x - 3.5x (8x - 35x with 10x eyepieces)
Working distance: 100 mm (10x eyepieces)
LED illumination:

7-way LED Illumination

Transmitted, Reflected, & Oblique

Independent variable intensity controls

Incident light method: Choice of 3 methods: maximum intensity with 5 LEDs, angled incident light side light with 2 LEDs

Integrated 3.0 Mega Pixel CMOS Camera

Direct HDMI or USB output - Can view simultaneously

Direct HDMI output allows for image capture (video capture with remote & image & video recall)

Captures images to removable SD card or Leica software


Mac or PC compatiable

Free Download

Image & Video capture, annotation, measurement, etc

Accessories: Dust Cover, HDMI cable, USB cable, SD card, power cord


7-way LED Illumination 4.4:1 Zoom

7-way LED Illumination

Provides incident oblique and transmitted light for high quality illumination and contrast of any application with the time and cost savings of no replacement bulbs

4.4:1 Zoom

Zoom magnification from 8x -35x provides high resolution images

High Definition Output Integrated 3.0 Mega-Pixel CMOS Camera

High Definition Output

Fast, live, high resolution images from real time specimen viewing on HD Displays without a computer

Integrated 3.0 Mega-Pixel CMOS Camera

Provides excellent color images with max. resolution of 2048x1536


Leica EZ4 HD Brochure - Education

Leica EZ4 HD Brochure - Industry


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