Leica ES2 Stereo Microscope 10x/30x



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The Leica ES2 is the perfect entry level stereo microscope for high school or college level users. It combines superb optical & LED illumination quality with ease of use and comfort for extended use. The two step 10x & 30 mag changer makes it easy to operate and switch magnifications. With no removable parts and built in carry handle this Leica Stereo Microscope ensures durability. All controls are located inside the stand frame to prevent damage when storing the instruments, a feature not available in most microscopes of this class.

Head: Binocular 60°
Eyepieces: 10x/20 fixed
Magnification Changer: 1x & 3x (Total Magnification 10x or 30x)
Working distance: 100 mm
LED illumination:
Transmitted, incident, and oblique light for high quality contrast on any application
Power supply: Universal from 100V to 240V, voltage-sensitive, integrated

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