Leica A60 S Stereo Microscope Boom Stand



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The Leica A60 S is quite simply the best all in one complete boom stand microscope on the market. With Leica's new FusionOptics you get a larger field of view and depth of focus. This means easier handling, less refocusing, and time savings.

The complete stereo boom microscope package comes with everything you need - Microscope, Eyepieces, Boom Stand, Lens Shield, & LED Ring Light.

To get an idea of the depth of field. If you were to place two quarters on a table side by you will be able to see both quarters at the same time with the Leica A60 S. If you did this with any other microscope you will not be able to see both! If you stood the quarter on its edge, the Leica A60 S stereo boom microscope would show the edge of the quarter and table in focus at the same time! With any other scope this is not possible due to the lack of depth of focus.

Now available in a digital version!


  • Assembly
  • Quality Control
  • Engraving
  • Jewelery Setting
  • Dental Work
Head: Binocular 38⁰  viewing angle
Eyepieces: 10x /23mm adjustable with eyeguards
Zoom Range: 5x - 30x Overall Magnification
Working Distance: 122mm (without optional objective)
Max Object Field:
Max Depth of field
ESP Protection:
Antistatic polymer housing
Ring Light:

16 Med Power SMT LED's

50,000 Hours, 5600K

On/Off, brightness adjustment


Boom Stand:

560mm Max Extension

Base Dimensions- 230 x 266mm

Grounding Point- 4.2mm

Warranty: 5 Year mechanical &  1 year electrical
Eagle eye in the millimeter range More room for work

Eagle eye in the millimeter range

100% greater depth of field with the Leica FusionOptics™ technology – easier handling, less refocusing, enormous time savings.

More room for work

Working distance of 122 mm - optimum access to the workpiece and easier handling using tools.

The best illumination for every application Large object field for maximum overview

The best illumination for every application

LED ring illuminator with removable diffuser - bright, uniform and color-neutral. Less reflection for shiny workpieces makes work pleasant.

Large object field for maximum overview

Object field size of 46 mm - ideal for production and sorting tasks.

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