Labomed MET 400 Inverted Metallurgical Microscope

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The LABOMED MET 400 is a workhorse tabletop metallurgical microscope that takes on a compact and highly durable form, making it the ideal candidate for daily inspection needs.  Whether inspecting heat treated and stress tested metals, glass, plastics, chemicals, contaminants, or thin films, the MET 400 delivers pristine resolution and contrast while ensuring comfort over long periods of use.
Stand: Single mold sturdy stand with anti rust materials.
Viewing Head: Siedentopf Binocular OR Trinocular 30° inclined, 360° rotatable, Inter pupillary distance 48 - 75mm
Eyepiece: Widefield 10x/20mm focussable eyepieces with foldable rubber eye guards, antifungal
Nosepiece: Reverse angle quadruple nosepiece (Ball bearing type) with click stops and rubber grip
Objectives: MaxLite™ Infinity corrected ML series (long working distance) Plan Achromatic objectives: 5x, 10x, 20x, 50x
Stage: Fixed stage with specimen holder of 3 sizes (38mm/53mm/65mm)
Condenser: 0.9 NA centerable strain free condenser
Focusing: Feather touch attrition -free coaxial coarse and fine focus adjustment with auto tension adjust ment for longer life and ultra smooth movement. Weighted fine focus
Illumination: Halogen (30W) illumination with intensity control and iris diaphragm, 100V ‐ 240V AC universal power supply
Accessories: Spare bulb and fuse, immersion oil, dust cover, and cleaning cloth.  Neutral color balancing filter and neutral density filter for color balancing & brightness control

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The ML series of objectives promise image fidelity. They are treated with LABOMED's proprietary MaxLite™ coatings for superior light transmission and scratch resistant properties. Long working distance and tight design control on chromatic aberrations help the MET 400 deliver accurate renditions at all magnifications.  Adry 100x objective is optional.
PrimaA slide-in polarizing kit with built-in polarizer/analyzer can fit seamlessly beneath the objective turret for user convenience.  Kit comes equipped with a rotating polarizer for 360 degrees of light extinction.
prima An ultra bright 6V-30W light source with a high color rendition index faithfully reproduces colors for a broad range of materials, particularly those used in color sensitive applications such as photomicrography.

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