Labomed Luxeo 2S Stereo Microscope

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The Luxeo 2S encompasses all the performance benefits of a university level microscope into a highly affordable and durable middle and highschool solution.  With a super bright and white light emitting diode (LED) illumination system, superb optics, and a single-cast durable construction, the Luxeo 2S is perfect for student operation. 
Head: Binocular 45° inclined head
Optical System: Greenough
Magnification: 2 step magnification: 10x and 30x OR 20x and 40x 
Eyepieces: WF 10x/18mm focusable eyepieces
Working Distance:

10x/30x - 97mm  

20x/40x - 90mm

Illumination: LED transmitted and oblique incident illumination with four settings, Rheostat on ring light enables intensity control
Transmitted Light: 3 LEDs super bright glow screen, low heat emission
Incident Light: Maximum intensity (10 LEDs), front angled incident light (5 LEDs), rear angled incident light 5 (LEDs)
LED Service Life: Approx 25,000 hours
Power Supply: Universal 100V - 240V, 50/60Hz integrated power supply with voltage flux stabilizer
Accessories: Spare fuse, Dust cover, cleaning cloth 

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