Ken-A-Vision PrepScope 2 Cordless Monocular T-12011C Microscope



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The PrepScope 2 series has a 3/4-sized frame and rugged components that make this series ideal for introducing science. This microscope has a unique USB charging system that allows the user to charge the cordless microscope by traditional electrical outlet or by a USB port.

Head: Monocular, 45˚ incline, 360˚ rotatable
Eyepiece: 10× DIN Widefield
Nosepiece: Reverse 3-hole
Objectives: 4×, 10×, 40×S DIN Achromat
Stage: Square with stage clips and disc diaphragm
Illumination: Bright and cool LED white light
Focusing: Coarse focusing
Accessories: Dust cover, cord wrap, immersion oil & instruction manual included
Warranty: 10 year limited

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