Dolan Jenner Fiber-Lite Model 3100 Ring Light Illuminator - 3100-A37P

Dolan Jenner


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The Model 3100 is an economical, light weight, and compact 30 Watt quartz halogen illuminator with a remote plug-in-the-wall transformer. The light source uses an EKZ lamp, which provides upward of 10,000 foot candles of intense cold illumination. The standard Dolan-Jenner nosepiece allows the interface with all Fiber-Lite standard and custom fiber optic light guides. Precise light level settings are obtained via the 4-position, sold state intensity control switch. The Model 3100 illuminator is typically used for co-axial illumination in microscopy applications. Available in either single gooseneck or ringlight configurations, the Model 3100 is Dolan-Jenner's smallest footprint illuminator.

  • The 3100 is economical, lightweight and compact

  • EKZ lamp provides upwards of 10,000 footcandles 

  • Interfaces with all Fiber-Lite standard and custom fiber optic light guides

 Model: 3100-A37P
Part Number: 660000051001
Configuration: Annular ring light system
Fiber Optic Model / Part Number: A3739P / 002190040039
Light Source Adapter: SX-10 / 020863050002
Fiber Input Diameter: 25mm
Lamp: EKZ
Lamp Life (full intensity): 200 hours
Lamp Voltage/Wattage: 10.8V 30 Watt
Color Temperature: 3100K
Input Voltage: 115vac/60Hz
Intensity Control: 4 positon, Off/Low/Med/High
Noise Level: <25 db="" span="">
Dimensions: 4.5"  X 3" X 6.75"
Weight: 5.6 lbs.

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