Dolan Jenner Fiber-Lite Model 190 Convection Cooled Single Gooseneck Illuminator - 190-1

Dolan Jenner


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The Model 190-1 is a 30 Watt, quarts halogen illumination system capable of delivering over 10,000 foot candles of intense, cold illumination. The light source features a rugged, convention cooled enclosure which results in zero noise, vibration, or air particle generation, important benefits in semiconductor and other microscopy applications. The 4 position, solid state, light intensity switch allows the selection of appropriate light levels and significantly increases lamp life at lower settings. The system includes the BGT1826 Optic light guide and LH759 Focusing Lens. Its rugged enclosure with hard mounting capability makes the Model 190-1 ideal for industrial applications.

Convection Cooled and Rugged Gooseneck System 

  • Delivers over 10,000 foot candles of intense, cold illumination

  • Rugged, convection-cooled enclosure

  • 4-position switch allows selection of light levels

Model (115 volt input): 190-1
Part number: 002819010001
Fiber input diameter: 3/8 X 32 THD
Configuration: Single gooseneck system
Fiber Optic Model / Part Number: BGT1826 / 002
Lens Model / Part Number: LH-759 / 010030020003
Lamp: EKZ
Lamp life: 200 hours
Lamp voltage/wattage: 10.8V 30 Watt
Color temperature: 3100K
Input voltage options: 115VAC/60HZ
Intensity control: 4 positon, Off/Low/Med/High
Cooling: fanless operation
Noise level: Very low noise, no moving parts
Safety certifications 115v: none
Dimensions: 7.5" H X 5.25" Diameter
Weight: 6.25 lbs.

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