Bausch & Lomb Microscope Phase Contrast Kit

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Baush & Lomb Microscope Phase Contrast Kit

This is a brand new, old stock item that is still in perfect working order.  It was made by Bausch & Lomb but is labeled Cambridge Instruments since it was manufactured when they were one brand.  Will work on most older style microscopes including the Galen series.
The kit includes:
  • 5-Position Phase Contrast Turret condenser
    • Bright field spot with Iris Diaphragm
    • 10, 20, 40 & 100x Phase annulus
  • Plan 10x Ph10
  • Plan 20x Ph20
  • Plan 40x Ph40
  • Plan 100x Oil Ph100
  • Phase Centering telescope
  • Green filter
  • Jeweler Screwdriver

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