Bausch & Lomb StereoZoom 7 Microscope Alignment Repair

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Did you drop your Bausch & Lomb StereoZoom? Did it get damaged in transportation? Are you seeing a double image?

If so chances are your microscope is out of alignment and in need of repair. We have factory trained technical capable of re-aligning and repairing your StereoZoom microscope. We will align and clean your microscope. This listing is only for StereoZoom 7. Please see our other repair listings for additional models.

After placing an order for Alignment we will require that you send us the microscope for us to do the repair. Return shipping is included in this price, you are responsible for shipping the microscope to us. We recommend that you use plenty of bubble wrap and use a box at least twice the size of the microscope. We will only require the microscope body & eyepieces. Please do not sent the stand or any other components.

Please ship the microscope to our address below along with your order number and contact information.

Repair Dept. Microscope Central 325 Bustleton Pike Feasterville, PA 19053


*Any additional parts or repairs will be additional. The cost only includes the price of the alignment, cleaning, and return shipping.


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