AmScope 50X-500X Metallurgical Microscope with Enhanced Optics and Dual Illumination + 9MP Global Shutter Camera

AmScope 50X-500X Metallurgical Microscope with Enhanced Optics and Dual Illumination + 9MP Global Shutter Camera


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AmScope 50X-500X Metallurgical Microscope with Enhanced Optics and Dual Illumination + 9MP Global Shutter Camera
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Designed for versatility, the T800M industrial microscope provides the optical-quality and functionality needed for demanding applications in materials-science and industrial-inspection. The semi-apochromatic LWD objectives (5X, 10X, 20X, 50X) offer higher resolution with edge-to-edge sharpness, and improved color-correction and transmittance. The swing-top condenser allows the use of high and low-NA lenses without vignetting. Equipped with both reflected and transmitted illumination, a wide range of materials can be studied. The reflected-light illuminator is further enhanced with control over oblique-lighting.

The robust frame offers excellent stability and ergonomics. Coaxial coarse and fine focus, as well as coaxial stage-translation knobs provide fluid control. A switched, 1X C-mount photo-port offers a stable mount for imaging, and offers better compatibility with 1" image-sensors. Optional filters can be added for specific applications, including basic polarization.

The highly-sensitive 9MP imaging-system uses a cutting-edge, high-performance sensor with global-shutter for accurate motion-capture. The large back-illuminated CMOS sensor is capable of capturing low light-emission with amazing noise-suppression. The included Windows software offers advanced camera-control and image-processing, along with measurement tools, and compositing features such as image-stitching and extended-depth-of-focus. Independent preview and capture resolutions allow you to view high-speed video while capturing high-definition images. For Mac and Linux, there is a lite version with limited processing features.


Optical System Infinity-corrected
Head Trinocular, 30° incline, 360° rotatable
Interpupillary Adjustment compensation-free gemel, 48-75mm
Eyepieces Plan 10X, high-eyepoint, FN 22mm, 30mm mount
Photo-port 1X focus-adjustable C-mount
Nosepiece Quintuple reversed
Objective Lenses 5X, 10X, 20X, 50X long-working-distance
Focusing System Coaxial coarse and fine focus, upper limit-stop, tension-control
Focus Travel 25mm, 0.002mm fine-adjustment
Stage Double-layer mechanical 175mm x 145mm with glass top, caliper
X-Y Translation Range 76mm x 50mm
Sub-stage Condenser-holder Rack-and-pinion, centerable
Condenser Achromatic swing condenser, NA0.9
Transmitted Illumination 5W warm-color LED, continous adjustment
Reflected Illumination 5W warm-color LED, continous adjustment
Electrical Wide-range 100-240VAC, 50/60Hz

Objective Lenses

Magnification Corrections NA Working Distance
5X Plan semi-apochromatic 0.15 10.8mm
10X Plan semi-apochromatic 0.30 12.2mm
20X Plan semi-apochromatic 0.45 4.0mm
50X Plan semi-apochromatic 0.55 7.9mm


Camera Sensor Type Sensor Size Pixel Size Resolution Framerates Sensitivity Connectivity
MU903-GS Back-illuminated CMOS
Global Shutter
1" class
14.13mm x 7.45mm
3.45µm x 3.45µm 9.0MP 34fps @ 4096x2160
60fps @ 2048x1080
1146mV (1/30s) USB 3.0


Plan Achromatic Objectives
Plan Semi-apochromatic Objectives
10X FN22
Brightfield Swing Condenser (NA0.9)
Binocular Head
Trinocular Head
Tilting Erect-image Trinocular Head
(Trinocular Heads Only)
1X C-mount Adjustable Photo-port
0.5X C-mount Adjustable Photo-port
0.3X C-mount Adjustable Photo-port
23mm Adjustable Photo-port
• included ○ optional – not available


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