AmScope 50X-2500X Metallurgical Microscope w Darkfield and Polarizing Features

AmScope 50X-2500X Metallurgical Microscope w Darkfield and Polarizing Features



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AmScope 50X-2500X Metallurgical Microscope w Darkfield and Polarizing Features
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This is an up-right reflected and transmitted polarizing darkfield metallurgical microscopy system. The microscope comes with a quintuple nosepiece, seven infinitive Plan objectives, a built-in polarizer & analyzer, darkfield-viewing device, and both reflected (EPI) & transmitted illuminations. It offers nine metallurgical magnification settings (50X, 100X, 125X, 250X, 200X, 500X, 1250X, 1000X & 2500X) and three more levels of transmitted magnification settings (400X, 1000X & 2500X). It is a great instrument for both metallurgical (reflected) and biological (transmitted) applications. This microscopy system is perfect for metallurgical labs and foundries for silicon wafer inspection, integrated circuit examination, production quality control, and R&D applications. It is an ideal instrument for metallurgical, mineral and crystal identification. It is also a great microscopy system for transmitted illumination applications including those in biological areas.


  • An advanced metallurgical microscopy system with reflected and transmitted illuminations
  • A great microscope for both reflected and transmitted applications
  • Built-in polarization system with polarizer and analyzer
  • Built-in bright/dark viewing field system with conversion slide
  • Quintuple nosepiece with three holes for bright field objectives and another two for darkfield
  • Seven infinitive Plan Achromatic objectives included
  • Eyepiece with 0.1mm micrometer and cross hair included
  • 100 Watt halogen reflected EPI-illumination system
  • 100 Watt halogen transmitted illumination system
  • EPI-illumination filters included
  • Photo/video capability with 23mm universal/standard photo port
  • Fully coated optical system with high resolution
  • 30 degree inclined 360 degree rotatable trinocular Siedentopf head
  • Nine levels of metallurgical magnification, 50X, 100X, 125X, 250X, 200X, 500X, 1250X, 1000X & 2500X
  • Three levels of transmitted (biological) magnification, 400X, 1000X & 2500X
  • Co-axial coarse & fine focusing system
  • Two sets of eyepiece included
  • Large mechanical stage with stain resistant finish
  • Low position stage traveling controls
  • Full optical glass elements
  • Precise ground glass lens
  • All metal mechanical parts
  • Coaxial coarse and fine focusing
  • Dual focusing control knobs
  • Focusing tension control mechanism
  • 30 degree inclined 360 degree rotatable trinocular head
  • Adjustable interpupillary distance
  • Adjustable diopters on both eye tubes
  • Solid metal frame construction with stain resistant enamel finish
  • Spare bulb, fuse, bottle of immersion oil, and dust cover included
  • Manufactured under ISO 9001 quality control standards
  • Excellent five (5) year factory warranty


  • Head: 30 degree inclined trinocular
  • Eyepieces: WF10X/22 and WF25X/9
  • Nosepiece: quintuple nosepiece - 3 holes for bright field objectives and 2 holes for dark field objectives
  • Objectives: infinitive Plan Achromatic objectives, 5X/0.12, 10X/0.25, 20X/0.40, 50X/0.75 & 100X/0.90, for metallurgical applications
    and infinitive Plan Achromatic objectives, 40X/0.65 & 100X/1.25, for biological applications
  • Polarization System: built-in polarizer and analyzer
  • Bright/Dark Viewing Field System: built-in conversion slide for bright/dark field illumination
  • Diaphragm: Epi-illuminator with Iris aperture diaphragm and iris field diaphragm
  • Stage: double layer mechanical stage with size 185X142mm
  • Illumination Systems: 24V 100W T-H lamp for metallurgical applications (intensity adjustable, lamp centering adjustable) and built-in 24V 100W T-H lamp for biological applications (intensity adjustment)
  • Collector: centering adjustable Kohler collector with field iris diaphragm
  • Vertical Photo/Video Port: 23mm universal/standard photo tube (100%-0% or 20%-80%)
  • Power Supply: Wide Band, CE certified

    Packing List :

  • One Trinocular Microscope Siedentopf Head
  • One Microscope Body with Frame, Stage, Base and EPI & Transmitted Illumination System
  • Five (EPI) Infinitive Plan Metallurgical Objectives, 5X (0.12), 10X (0.25), 20X (0.40), 50X (0.75) and 100X (0.90)
  • Two (Transmitted) Infinitive Plan Achromatic Objectives, 40X (0.65) and 100X (1.25)
  • One Pair of Extreme Widefield 10X Eyepieces
  • One Pair of Extreme Widefield 25X Eyepieces
  • One Extreme Widefield 10X Eyepiece with 0.1mm Micrometer and Cross Hair
  • One Set of Polarizer and Analyzer
  • One Set of Filters
  • Two (top & bottom) Light Houses
  • One Dust Cover
  • Two Spare Bulbs
  • Two Fuses
  • One Dust Cover
  • Immersion Oil Sample Included
  • Necessary Connection Cables Included
  • User's Manual Included
  • Shipping Weight: 60 lbs
  • Package: 2 (40 + 20)
  • AmScope ME520TC Microscope
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