Accu-Scope Fluorescence Filter Sets For EXI-410 Microscopes

Accu-Scope Fluorescence Filter Sets For EXI-410 Microscopes


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Accu-Scope Fluorescence Filter Sets For EXI-410 Microscopes
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Fluorescence filters for the EXI-410 series microscopes. There are two types of filters to select from. You can choose standard filter sets, or ultra high performance hard coated filters.  

410-39XXX indicates standard, 410-49XXX indicates hard coated.

This is a list of the most popular filter sets, we can obtain any filter you may need. 

Part Number Description 
410-39365 DAPI, Hoechst filter set for EXI-410 Series
EX: 350/50x, BS: 400DC, EM: 460/50m
410-39395 DAPI, Hoechst filter set for EXI-410 Series
EX: 390/40x, BS: 415DC, EM: 460/50m
410-39470 FITC/GFP filter set for EXI-410 Series
EX: 470/40x, BS: 505DC, EM: 535/50m
410-39525 TRITC, Cy3, mOrange, Alexa 532 filter set for EXI-410 Series
EX :525/40x, BS: 560DC, EM: 605/55m
410-39560 tDtomato, DsRed, Alexa 568 filter set for EXI-410 Series
EX: 560/40x, BS: 600DC, EM: 630/60m
410-39580 Texas Red, mCherry, Alexa 594 filter set for EXI-410
EX: 580/40x, BS: 600DC, EM: 650/75/M

Hard Coated
410-49028 DAPI, Exciter: 395/25x, Dichoric: T425lpxr, Emitter: ET 460/50m
410-49002 GFP, FITC, Exciter: AT480/30x, Dichroic:  AT505DC, Emitter:  AT535/40m
410-49005 DSRed, TRITC, Cy3 filter set EX: ET545/30x, BS: T570lp, EM: ET620/60m
410-49006 Cy5 filter set EX: ET620/60x, BS: T660lpxr, EM: ET700/75m
410-49008 Texas Red, Exciter: AT560/40x, Dichroic:  T585lpxr, Emitter:  AT630/75m


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