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The Accu-Scope 3000-LED microscope offers outstanding industry leading optics, illumination, and performance to meet the expectations of professionals and the educational market. With its solid cast metal body & head, metal internal gears and LED illumination system the microscope is built to last. The Plan Achromat objectives and super-bright 3 watt LED system gives the Nikon & Olympus microscopes a run for their money. At half the price this microscope delivers all of the qualities found in these "higher end" systems. Bringing more value to the table the Accu-Scope 3000-LED is backed by the unmatched 5 year electrical & mechanical warranty.

This is our most popular selling laboratory & veterinary microscope!

Key Features:

  • Built In Carry Handle
  • Eyepieces Lock In - Prevents Tampering
  • Bright 3 Watt LED Illumination - No Heat! No Color Balance! No Bulb Replacement!
  • All Metal Frame, Head, Gears
    Head: Binocular OR Trinocular, 30⁰ inclined and rotatable 360⁰
    Eyepieces: HWF Plan 10x eyepiece, 20mm field of view with built-in diopter adjustment; a pointer is standard in one eyepiece
    Nosepiece: Reversed, quadruple
    Objectives: Infinity Plan Achromat 4x, 10x, 40xR*, 100xR oil* (*spring-loaded) Other Objectives
    Condenser: N.A. 1.25 Abbe condenser with options for phase and darkfield sliders
    Stage: Mechanical stage, 140 x 132mm with X-Y movement range of 76 x 50mm

    3 watt LED with variable intensity control

    Universal power supply 110-220v

    Focusing: Coaxial focusing system with an adjustable tension control and upper limit stop to prevent accidental damage to slides; all metal gears, brass fine focus gear
    Accessories: Dust cover, immersion oil & instruction manual included
    Warranty: 5 Year Mechanical & Electrical

    3000-LED Microscope Series

    WF10x focusable eyepieces with a 20mm field of view locked in to prevent damage or tampering

    3000-LED Microscope Series

    Infinity Plan Achromat 4x, 10x, 40xR and 100xR oil objectives offer high resolution and high contrast

    3000-LED Microscope Series

    Super-bright 3 watt LED variable illumination - No heat, no bulb changes!

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