A Closer Look At Stereo Microscopes

A Closer Look at Dissecting Microscopes


Dissecting microscopes are incredibly versatile and are used in thousands of research and educational labs across the globe. They come in both traditional and digital forms, each with their own list of advantages and disadvantages. These microscopes can be configured on numerous types of stands. Depending on the application, you might want to choose one dissecting microscope over the other.


In this article, we’ll take a look at the history and most notable features of these microscopes; the most popular uses for dissecting microscopes, and a few of the most popular models of dissecting microscopes we offer.


A Brief History


Dissecting microscopes (also known as stereo microscopes) are optical microscopes that are designed for low magnification applications. They typically feature a light that reflects off of the object being examined rather than shining the light through it. The two eyepieces feature slightly different viewing angles, which provide the user with a somewhat three-dimensional view of the object.


The first microscope similar to modern day dissecting microscopes was invented in the late 1600s. The inventor had constructed a small microscope with two eyepieces along with a few objective lenses. He observed a unique depth of field with this microscope but wasn’t aware of the reason for this unique view.


Uses for Dissecting Microscopes


Although "dissecting" is in the name, dissecting microscopes are used for more than just dissecting frogs in high school biology classes. They are great for low magnification purposes in everyday life. For instance, many people use dissecting microscopes to observe the tiny details in collectible coins or stamps. They are also great for children to observe rocks, insects, and other things they would like to see closer.


Hobbyists also use the microscopes to view electrical circuit boards, gemstones, as well as a variety of purposes. Dissecting microscopes are among the most versatile microscopes available on the market because their uses stretch far beyond science labs and into the homes of ordinary people.


Our Popular Dissecting Microscopes


The Unitron Z850 Stereo Microscope offers a wide range of magnification levels for a variety of purposes. It is best suited for more professional applications and features a robust design and room for customizable accessories.


The Leica ES2 Stereo Microscope is one of the best entry-level dissecting microscopes in our store. It is at an affordable price point but is fully capable of handling low-level applications such as in a school science lab or for hobbies. It features a two-step 10X and 30-mag changer for easy operation and is built tough to last for years.


The Leica EZ4 microscopes are great for industrial, educational, and laboratory uses with their continuous magnification ranges and zoom objectives. The optics combined with the 7 way LED light system make an unbeatable combination. The Leica EZ4 W has the same features of the EZ4 but with an included multi-output HDMI, USB, or WiFi camera. 

The Equipment You Need


Whether you’re buying your first dissecting microscope or you’re looking for an upgrade, we have the equipment you need! Be sure to browse our entire selection of dissecting microscopes at Microscope Central! We offer the best equipment to help you make new discoveries every day!