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Meiji EM-50L 0.67x - 4.5x Zoom Microscope

The new Meiji EM-50 stereo zoom microscope features a 0.67x - 4.5x zoom range and comes complete with 10x eyepieces on a plain ergonomic pole stand with LED ring light....

$1,580.00 $1,343.00
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Meiji EMZ-5 Stereo Microscope On GRS Acrobat Stand

The Meiji EMZ-5 is a jewelers microscope on a GRS acrobat stand, making it the ideal choice for jewelers and engravers. The Meiji EMZ-5 microscope head has an 0.5x auxiliary...

$2,535.00 $2,450.00
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Meiji FL-5000-US-RL Annular LED Fiber Optic Illuminator

Designed for microscopy and general illumination, this unit is energy efficient and features cool white LED lighting with a color temp of 5000K and higher output than the typical 150...

$1,200.00 $1,140.00
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Meiji FL152 Annular 150W Fiber Optic Illuminator

This unit offers safe and hassle-free operation and mates securely with standard FL150/115 microscopy light guides, eliminating adapters. The MI-150 delivers 350,000 foot candles of high-intensity, cold light illumination when...

$1,340.00 $1,206.00
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Meiji FR-LED LED Ring Illuminator - ESD Safe

The FR-LED is Meiji's newest ring illuminator. It features the newest surface mount LED technology that is paired with our exclusive design criteria, to make the highest performance, longest operating,...

$445.00 $378.00
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Meiji FT192 Annular Fiber Optic Illuminator - 150W

Variable intensity 150W quartz halogen light source with 60mm I.D. annular light guide fits all RZ and EMZ stereo microscopes; adapter required for EMT and EMF stereos. All metal construction....

$1,050.00 $997.50
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Meiji MA305/100 Fluorescent Ring Light

The MA305 fluorescent illuminator provides cool, white diffused illumination similar to to daylight, and is suitable for low magnification examination for surface details of delicate organisms that sensitive to heat,...

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Meiji MA961D/40 Daylight Quadrant Control LED Ring Illuminator

Meiji Techno's MA961D/40 delivers powerful, microscope quality daylight from the precision aligned LED array. Our CAD designed ring light system contains 40 top quality high-brightness white LED's housed in a...

$475.00 $432.25
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Meiji MA964 LED Ring Illuminator

Meiji's variable intensity LED ring illuminators deliver a high level of illumination over a selected field of view with excellent uniformity. The ring light cord is approximately 5.5 ft long....

$490.00 $416.50
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