Engaging Students: The Latest Camera Technology

Today, students live an increasingly technological existence. Mobile technology connects them to each other and the world. This is the case more than ever in the age of COVID-19. In many ways this connection defines their experience - how they communicate, how they access entertainment, how they learn. Educators now have the opportunity to engage students via their own phones, tablets, or computers with their microscopes.

There is a wide selection of WiFi cameras from which to choose, including Motic X3, Accu-Scope SkyeWiFi, WF200 and more.

  • Students can view real time live images on their cell phones or tablets
  • Instructors have a master view of all the students’ stations at once (can select a specific student to view)
  • Students can capture and take their images with them (no computer needed)
  • Camera acts as a router, students connect directly to the camera (no WiFi in classroom needed)

If you decide not to go the WiFi route, no problem! There are also excellent HDMI Output Cameras that provide real time imaging for the classroom. To find out more about these powerful teaching tools, speak with a Microscope Central expert at 800-219-1451 or email us at sales@microscopecentral.com