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Liquid Light Guide For Leica EL6000

This liquid light guide is designed for use with the Leica EL6000 Fluorescence light source. This is brand new, factory original equipment. Liquid Light Guide For EL6000, 2m

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Olympus U-LH100HG Fluorescence Light Source and Power Supply

The Olympus Mercury light source is a cost-effective and powerful entry-level 100 W fluorescence light source. The broad emission spectrum enables a range of fluorescence imaging experiments to be conducted...

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Leica 100 Watt Mercury Fluorescence Microscope Lamphouse

This 100 Watt mercury lamphouse is used with Leica fluorescence microscope illuminators. This accepts a 100 watt mercury bulb. Power supply is required and not included.

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Olympus U-LH100HG 100W Mercury Lamphouse

This Olympus 100 Watt mercury lamphouse is used but fully tested and working like new.

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Accu-Scope Dual Wavelength LED Fluorescence Illuminator For EXC-350

Fluorescence illuminator with FITC, Texas Red and brightfield positions LED light sources for robust operation and long lifespan Built in fluorescence filter sets specifically selected for FITC and Texas Red...

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Accu-Scope Fluorescence Contrast Shield For EXI-410

Contrast shield increases contrast in fluorescence observation by reducing ambient light and autofluorescence of the diascopic LED array. Shield rotates up and out of the way for brightfield or phase...

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Metal Halide Fluorescnece Microscope Illuminator

Metal halide illuminator Mounts directly to the fluorescence illuminator. No fiber or light guide required! Compact form and an internal ballast means no bulky external power supply and more space...

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Mercury Lamphouse & Power Supply For EXI-310 Microscopes

Mercury fluorescence accessories for the Accu-Scope EXI-310 series microscopes.  Part Number: Description: 310-3232-2 2 position filter cube holder, 2 filter slots with 2 blank cubes, 1 brightfield position 310-3232-3 3...

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X-Cite Mini+LED Fluorescence Microscope Illuminator
  • 365nm or 385nm
  • No Warm Up / Cool Down
  • Compatible With Many Brands / Models
  • Over 20,000 Lamp Hours
  • Cost Saving Benefits
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Accu-Scope 6 Position Fluorescence Illuminator For EXC-400

Fluorescence illuminator with 6 filter positions Shutter slider blocks fluorescence illumination without turning off lamphouse Field iris allows control of fluorescence excitation intensity UV protection shield protects eyes from bright...

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Mercury Power Supply & Accessories For EXC-350 Microscopes

Parts and components for mercury fluorescence for the Accu-Scope EXC-350 model microscopes.  350-3231           4 postion reflected illuminator with field iris, shutter slider for use with mercury...

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Olympus U-UVC Conversion Lens

The Olympus U-UVC is for use with the Olympus BX40, BX50, and BX60 models. It increases the fluorescence intensity illumination. Olympus Part Number 5-UL595

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Olympus U-ULS100HG Mercury Fluorescence Lamphouse

The Olympus U-ULS100HG is a 100W Mercury Lamphouse for fluorescence applications. This is suitable for Olympus BX series microscopes.

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Leica 5-Position Fluorescence Microscope Illuminator

This is a 5 position Leica fluorescence microscope illuminatior for use with the Leica DM2000, DM2500, or DM3000 microscopes. It has 5 filter cube positions and accepts K size filter...