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Meiji FC Focusing Block

Focus holder with coaxial coarse and fine focus for high magnification applications where precise fine focus adjustment is required. Rack and pinion mount allows smooth, precise focusing over 33mm of...

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Meiji FCD Focusing Block

The Model FCD has a fine focus knob as well as coarse. This coarse/fine adjusting focus block can be mounted in either vertical position. As long as the camera to...

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Meiji PC Microscope Pole Stand

The PC stand in Meiji Techno America’s basic precision pole stand with "FC" focusing holder with coaxial coarse and fine focus block mounted on a plain base. This stand is...

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Meiji PKC Microscope Pole Stand

The PKC Stand is Meiji Techno America’s most popular Ergonomic Wide Plain Pole stand which requires external illumination and is the perfect stand if you need a coarse and fine...

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Meiji BD Pole Microscope Stand - Darkfield

The BD stand is a Pole type stand with an F focusing slide block and an adjustable rotatable mirror in base for “pseudo darkfield illumination”. The BD stand is still...

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Meiji PC Stand

Basic pole stand with "FC" coaxial coarse and fine focus block. Reversible black and white stage plate and two stage clips.

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Meiji FCS Focusing Block

The FSC is an inclinable coarse and fine adjusting focus block with 5/8" diameter mounting pin to hold the stereo microscope body onto any machine or other special applications. The...

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Unitron Coaxial Coarse/Fine Focus LED Stereo Microscope Stand

Coaxial coarse and fine focus adjustments Simultaneous variable reflected and transmitted LED illumination Thin design of base allows users to keep sample positions low Stage clips keep specimens in place...