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AmScope 40X-1500X Inverted Phase-Contrast + Fluorescence Microscope with 5MP Global-shutter Low-light Camera

This inverted fluorescence microscope provides both phase contrast and fluorescence. The microscope comes complete with multiple objectives listed below. The 5.0 M.P. global shutter CMOS camera captures excellent fluorescence images....

$14,865.99 $12,387.99
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AmScope 1500X Phase Contrast Inverted Fluorescence Microscope + Fluo Camera - IN480TC-FL-MF

The AmScope IN480TC-FL-MF Phase Contrast Inverted Fluorescence Microscope comes complete with a highly-sensitvie 1.3 M.P. digital camera. This microscope offers clear, high quality images with Plan Achromat phase contrast and...

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AmScope 400X-600X Phase Contrast Inverted Fluorescence Microscope+3MP Camera - IN480T-FL-3M

This is a brand new professional inverted trinocular phase contrast fluorescence microscope with 3MP digital image system, offering crystal clear high quality images and advanced features.The microscope comes with a...

$13,170.99 $10,975.99
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AmScope 40x-1000x Inverted Plan Fluorescence Microscope + CCD Low-light Camera - IN300TC-FL-MF603

The AmScope IN300TC-FL-MF603 inverted fluorescence microscope comes complete with phase contrast objectives, fluorescence capabilities, and digital camera for imaging. This scope is designed for observation of specimens in culture flasks...

$10,541.99 $8,784.99