Bichromatic Ferrographic Microscopes

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Head Type
Monocular - One viewing eyepiece. These are more common for Middle / High School level users.

Binocular - Two viewing eyepieces. These are common for College level and up.

Triniocular - A trinocular microscope has a 3rd port which allows for the addition of a camera. Not all microscopes require a trinocular head in order to mount a camera.

Multi-Viewing - These microscopes are typically for Clinical applications and allow for several people to view through the microscope at one time.

Dual-Viewing - Allows for two users to view through the microscope at one time. You can have a simple monocular microscope be dual-viewing or a high end Clinical microscope.

Tilting - A tilting head is commonly found on a Clinical grade microscope and allows the user to adjust the viewing angle. This makes the microscope ergonomic and comfortable for long periods of use.
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Meiji MT8000 Bichromatic Ferrographic Microscope

The Meiji MT8000 Bichromatic Ferrographic Microscope comes complete with everything including the green and red filters for bichromatic mode. Select from LED or Halogen illumination and your choice of head...

Ferrography has advanced as one of the premier predictive maintenance and analytical tools. Commonly used in the paper industry, industrial plants with automated operations and in the healthcare with artificial joints and limbs. Ferrography allows for plant managers, maintenance managers and healthcare professionals make critical decisions more effectively. Ferrography is capable of detecting active machine wear and can often provide a “root cause” based on the morphology of the wear particles.