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Meiji MT6100 Series PLM NIOSH 9002 Asbestos Microscope

The Meiji MT6100 PLM microscope is designed for Asbestos bulk fiber identification and meets the NIOSH 9002 requirements. This microscope includes the 10x dispersion staining objective as well as 10x,...

$7,005.00 $5,954.25
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Meiji MT6500 Series PCM NIOSH 7400 Asbestos Microscope

The Meiji MT6500 PCM microscope is designed for asbestos fiber counting and meets the NIOSH 7400 and OSHA ID 160 requirements. The microscope comes complete with walton beckett reticle, centering...

$3,070.00 $2,609.50
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Meiji MT6800 Asbestos PLM / PCM Combo Microscope Series

The Meiji MT6800 microscope is the only microscope designed for both PLM and PCM for asbestos fiber identification. This microscope is used for NIOSH 9002, NIOSH 7400, and OSHA ID 160....

$7,555.00 $6,421.75

Quality asbestos microscopes for PCM and PLM asbestos applications.

Phase contrast microscopes (PCM) that meet NOISH 7400 & OSHA ID requirements for Asbestos and bulk fiber identification.

Polarized light microscopes (PLM) that meet the NIOSH 9002 requirements for bulk fiber identification.